Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pop Goes the Weasel (sigh)

This is Squeaky Martin Rascal.

The stuffed weasel.

Squeaky was a Christmas present from my Beloved Cousins to AC. AC is in love with Squeaky. It rode home from Tennessee and doubled as AC’s pillow that first night, and she’s slept with it every night since.

You can tell it’s a favorite toy because it has an actual name. Most of AC’s stuffed toys have names like “Small White Bear,” or “Big Brown Bear.” There’s a bear named "Ted, " but DG helped with that one. We also have a doll named "Sister," one called “Wee AC” and several named “Bob” (because I am no good at naming dolls, so I just called them all Bob and it stuck.) Squeaky Martin Rascal has been given 3 original names without any parental input. He is indeed special.

Squeaky sleeps with AC. Now there is a menagerie in the bed with AC most nights, but Squeaky is the one that gets to cuddle up with AC and sleep under the covers.

The weasel is beloved.

But not by me.

For the first week or so Squeaky slept with AC, I’d have a heart attack when I’d go in to tuck her in before I went to bed. Just picture what Squeaky looks like in the glow of a night light around 11pm. If you thought, “Like a giant rat about to eat your child’s ears off,” you are exactly right.

DG, of course, finds the attempted murder of a stuffed animal extremely amusing. I don’t. It is very hard to sleep after the adrenaline rush caused by the need to save my child from a giant rat.

AC has a bed full and toy box full or cute stuffed toys—cuddly bunnies, fuzzy teddy bears, cute kitties and doggies and even a couple of sweet looking dinosaurs—yet she is drawn to the weasel. (shudder)

A weasel.

I’ve resigned myself to the weasel. There’s no sense trying to fight it or turn her attention somewhere else.

But let me just say that when AC comes crawling into our bed in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, that weasel is NOT welcome. It stays in her room. I’m not going to open my eyes and be nose to snout with a weasel. That would truly give me a heart attack.

So do y’all think I’m insane?


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Kathy said...

Honestly, PC, the weasel looks like a ferret. I don't like ferrets. Sometimes # 4 takes care of 8 cats and a ferret. She likes to let the thing run and play while we take care of the cats. I don't. It hops spastically around. Oh, it's a cute little thing. But all I can think of are the warnings that ferrets don't make good pets for kids. Again, that is what I've heard. I don't know that from personal experience but your AC's lovey looks like a ferret. So I'm in agreement with you.

We've been through Barney and Baby Bop, Eyore, Tigger, Ninja Turtles, Mr. Teddy, Dolls, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Raggedy Ann and Andy, and Dinosaurs, too. You're never too old to have a lovey. After all, isn't that what DH's are for?


Playground Monitor said...

I'll admit it's an unusual choice for a beloved stuffed animal. But in its own rodent-ish way it's kinda cute. Of course, it's easy for me to say that cause I'm not seeing it in the dim light at night as it tried to chew AC's ear off.

With kids, you never know what will catch their fancy. #1 son had his silky -- a piece of silky fabric that he carted everywhere. Couldn't sleep without it. #2 son had "night-night" -- one of those baby pillows with a silky cover on it. I made a pillowcase for it, but he pulled it off. He wanted the silky material next to his face. As it got rattier and rattier, I'd mend and repair until it was just in shreds and we finally convinced him to give it up.

They do say that children who are allowed to have "loveys" grow up to be more secure. But yeah, it's rough when the lovey is a weasel.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Oh, my, you have my sympathies. When the picture first popped up, for a moment I thought it was real, and I wondered why Instigator's *truly ugly* cat was on Problem Child's blog. :-)


Rhonda said...

PC, that's an ugly stuffed animal, and like LJ, I thought it was real at first, too.

I have no advice for something like this. My son loved Barney and Kermit the Frog. Daughter loved Winnie the Pooh. (How can you go wrong with Pooh?) AC clearly isn't as shallow as my children, so rather than being alarmed be proud. (Cool way to spin it, no? :-)

Meljprincess said...

LOL! You're not insane PC but you're insanely funny. Squeaky Martin Rascal is a great name!
I have lots of stuffed animals. Some have names and some don't.

Darling Geek said...

I do find the attempted murder of a stuffed animal extremely amusing. Perhaps a stuffed snake next year?

catslady said...

I'm with you. It's very creepy. A real weasel would be a lot more desirable lol.

Carol said...

No, not insane at all! I'm just glad it ISN'T real! lol

Angel said...

Hey, that things does look real! Freaky!