Friday, July 01, 2011

I Heart NYC

Today is the last day of National Conference. I'm having lunch with my editor today. The RITAs are tonight. Most people will be packing up and flying out tomorrow. Instigator and I are hanging around until Sunday to get in a little siteseeing. I anticipate pounding through the Metropolitan Museum of Art, seeing Central Park and catching a show tonight, if we can manage it all.

I love New York. July is not my optimum visiting time, but conference is when it is. I've been there at Christmas, which I think is the best. I've been there in the spring, which is still quite chilly, but without the benefit of Christmas decorations. I have yet to go in the fall, but I really want to see Central Park with all the leaves changing. One day.

The book I just sold is set in Manhattan and I've found I've used a lot of my personal experiences to come up with things for my characters to see and do. When I'm there this time, I hope to capture a couple choice memories to put on my website when the book is published (like me in the My Little Pony car at Toys R Us in Times Square) but I also want to find some new things. If this book does well, then follow on books will be in NYC too and I don't want to run out of options. Of course, this requires me to do more than eat off the hot dog carts and hang out in the hotel bar. I need to get out there, for sure.

Have you been to NYC? What are your favorite things to see and do in the city? If not, when you travel, do you have any must-do activities? Maybe trying a new food or seeing a museum?

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Playground Monitor said...

I was in NYC in March of 1970 with a group from college and saw the usual tourist things -- Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty (though only from the Staten Island Ferry), the Met, Lincoln Center, Macy's and Tiffany & Co. We saw two shows -- Hair and 1776. And we visited a disco in the Village the night someone planted a pipe bomb in it. I don't remember eating from a hot dog cart, but I do remember having breakfast at a Chock Full of Nuts.

Anywhere I travel I like to check out the main sites and try the local food.

I wish I was hearting NYC with y'all. I've felt strangely disconnected all week.