Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I (heart) NY

I would love to post pictures – and I will, eventually – but the camera is acting up and I simply don’t have time to argue with it.

As I’m regaling folks with my stories of what an excellent time I had at the RWA Conference in NYC, I’m hearing grumbles that their conferences and conventions are never quite as much fun.

And I had a BLAST in the big city…

I started off the week feeling horribly selfish – I flew out on Monday, which just happened to be DG and AC’s birthday. I tried to balance it out – I got up early to take them both to a birthday breakfast before they took me to the airport, but it didn’t quite seem like enough. Thankfully, by the time I landed at LaGuardia, the guilt had passed. ~grin~

Highlights of my trip? Oh, there are so many…

Dinner at Sardi’s with the Lindas, Insti and SP to celebrate SP’s sale. Talk about a special dinner!

Going to a taping of the Colbert Report with Barbara Vey, her son Andy, and Insti. I touched Stephen Colbert, gang!!!

Finally getting to meet more of the Modern Heat gang: Lucy King, Heidi Rice, Kelly Hunter, Aimee Carson, and Amy Andrews. We had great times hanging out – and massive thanks to Maven Linda who let me take her to lunch with the gang like it was Show-and-Tell day.

Tea at the Plaza. (OMG, I can’t thank Jane Porter enough for that experience.) The Black and White Ball at the Waldorf. (Harlequin can throw one hell of a party!)

There’s so much more – five whole days of feeling very special, very author-like, jumping into cabs and meeting people for drinks and dinner.

When DG, AC, and WonderMom arrived, I had to remember I had a life beyond the glamour, but experiencing NYC with my family was great too. Going to the top of the Empire State Building, seeing the Harry Potter Exhibition, seeing a show on Broadway and the fireworks over the Hudson River.

I’m hard-pressed to pick my favorite moment. Let’s just say I wore a grin the whole time.

Then, I came home from NYC only to be slapped in the face by the horridness of real life. Goodbye, long lunches in charming bistros; hello messy house and deadline.


When can we do it again?!?!


Linda Winstead Jones said...

2015!!!!! I love visiting NY, but it is not my favorite conference site because I just don't see everyone I normally see. Apparently everyone is out having tea. :-)


Maven Linda said...

NY is always a lot of fun, though LJ and I did have one particularly hair-raising taxi ride. Holy moley. But the food! Someone else making my bed! Nothing bad there :-).

Smarty Pants said...

It was a weird conference. I think most people spent more time away from the hotel than in it. We really need to look at having conference in Nebraska or something. It was hard to find people with things spread across so many floors. The hotel, while perfectly located, sort of lacked in terms of food, prices and service. Maybe my expectations were too high. Or maybe I was just walking around in a stunned fog, trying to adjust to my shift in identity.

I do love New York. Love the food and the energy and the things to do. Conference there is less enthusing. The cool thing, though, is that the HQ offices are there. I didn't get to see them, but if I'd come a day earlier I could've joined the other two Desire newbies in a tour and dinner out with all the editors. :(

Playground Monitor said...

Last time I was in NYC, I was blown up in a bombing. Really. Wish I could have been there with y'all this year. I've already started saving for Anaheim!

robertsonreads said...

Sounds like you ladies had a wonderful time - which what it is all about. Generally I feel if you go into an event planning to have a good time you will and likewise if you feel crappy about going; it's all in what we make it.

Instigator said...

This was sorta a strange conference. Lots of meetings and lunches and stuff. Some sight seeing of course. But I only attended 2 workshops - 1 of which I gave. I think maybe it's a shift in my conference experience in general as opposed to the location, but I could be wrong.