Thursday, July 14, 2011

Odds N Ends

I'm sorry for my tardiness today. Yesterday was my birthday and I sorta blew off all my responsibilities. Shhh, don't tell my editor because I'm in the middle of some major revisions that I really should have been working on. (But I plan on making it up today so I think it's all good).

Yeah, speaking of those revisions, these are heavy duty. I think I've probably said this before, but revisions are one of my least favorite parts of this business. Usually, by this point I'm sick of seeing, hearing and dealing with my characters. However, this time I'm actually pretty excited because I think this book is going to be awesome when I'm done. This book is definitely proof that stories can always be improved and that doing the work pays off in the end. You can all tell me if I'm right (about it being a good book) next Feb when Bring It On hits the shelves.

I haven't talked about the animal front in awhile at my house. Mostly because I've managed to keep the additions to a minimum. Aside from a brief stint of multiplying guinea pigs (which we've nipped in the bud) things had been fairly quite at Sinclair Stables. However, Sweet Pea had the bright idea this weekend to move her guinea pig from the little house (separate building outside our house) into her room (which is right across the hall from our room). And then just HAD to give her a wheel to run on. All. Night. Long. The guinea pig is keeping me up all night - I'd like to point out that Zilla seems oblivious - not to mention Sweet Pea. I'm wondering how I explain eviction to a guinea pig because if she doesn't chill soon, she's going to find her furry little butt back outside.

So, yeah, that's what's going on in my life. Anyone else care to share?



Playground Monitor said...

Mainly trying to avoid heat stroke. Also I'm pulling together stuff for a writing workshop I'm attending on the 23rd in Birmingham, designing a new website for my church and putting together a 10-week Level 2 program for the divorce group. But right this minute I need to go pack a sack lunch so I can go to a pool party with my Red Hat ladies. Hope we don't melt.

Cheryl said...

Remodeling the beach condo and the house. Can anyone say stupid? Just got tired of everything. Had to get in over my head, as usual.

My son had a guinea pig that lived eight years. He was a real sweetheart. The one that really gets me is the cockatiel. I thought, 19 years ago, that they don't live that long. Well, he's still around, squawking and yelling my name - over and over and over...

Christine said...

I am gearing up for the Margie Lawson workshop, just finished a first draft and plan to rip it to shreds in revision using the tools of the workshop. I am in serious blogger mode and catching up from the aftereffects of conference.

I had two guinea pigs when I was a little girl. My brother and I shared them: Flossy and Jelly. They were really cute. My dad built a cage for them and we used to get free lettuce from our local grocery store after humans didn't buy it. The GPs loved that lettuce.