Monday, June 06, 2011

MOANday: Luncheon Hotties

I realized recently that with the tornadoes and power being out and all, I never posted a Moan Day in May!!! What’s up with that?!?!

So we are due for a good dose of hotness this month! I picked a few from the hottie archives for your viewing pleasure. And this first guy is actually really sweet and nice – I had the pleasure of meeting him this past weekend at the HOD luncheon, where he took pictures with our attendees so they could make their own romance cover. Yep, the Playfriends who attended managed to survive the luncheon another year, and enjoyed hearing Kerrelyn Sparks’s hilarious speech! You must ask her about the Cabin #9 fan mail. And I got to have lunch and dinner with Barbara Vey, which was awesome because I’ll be missing the annual breakfast with her at RWA Nationals this year. And dinner with Kerrelyn, Emily March, and Barbara Vey. Woohoo!

Now, for the hotties:

Simon, who appeared at the Heart of Dixie Luncheon, who was fantastic with the ladies, and graciously carried our very heavy HOD author basket to its recipient. And his pecs are even better in person. ;)


Gotta love a cowboy and his... chaps...


Hmmm... I may have a slight thing for tattoos that I may have mentioned...


Is that a baseball bat or...


I'm a sucker for a guy on a motorcycle. Well, only if he looks like this one. :)

I really need some new ideas for MoanDay hotties! Who would you most like to see?


Coming Soon!
Check in this Wednesday, June 8, on the blog for a big surprise announcement! And next week we welcome editor Shana Smith to the blog. Don’t forget!


Playground Monitor said...

Simon was a sweetie, wasn't he. And brave too. To be in a room with that much estrogen had to be scary for him. ;-)

Maybe you could do some TV hotties like Rick Castle (Castle) and Seely Booth (Bones) and Nick Stokes (CSI) and Fritz Howard (The Closer). And yes, I think Fritz is hot.

Stephanie Jones said...

PM suggestions look good to me too, especially Rick Castle!

Love the cowboy shot!

Cheryl said...

Adrian Paul. I love him! Maybe in a kilt...? HIghlander!

And yes, Simon was a real trouper - fearless and brave in the face of such estrogen!!!!

Barbara Vey said...

Had a great time this weekend and the write up will be in my blog tomorrow.

I thought Jake Gyllenhaal was a hottie in Prince of Persia and of course, there is Thor. :)

Thanks Andrea for fixing my google account.

Instigator said...

I'm all about some hotties. :-) I was running around so much I didn't get a chance to talk to Simon, but he seemed very sweet and I have to give him points for braving a room full of women.

Barbara, it was great to see you! I'm so glad you got to come.


Angel said...

Yes, he was sweet. I was a little worried because he seemed shy, but he handled those women like a trooper. When I walked by the picture area one time, this older woman just walked right up and hugged him tight. He just laughed and posed draped all over her. Really nice guy!

I will definitely look into those guys, PM (we're gonna miss them this summer too!). Y'all keep the suggestions coming!


Problem Child said...

Pretty men are always a good way to start the day.