Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Good:

This week I found out that my next Blazes will be released in Feb, March & April 2012. They are connected books all set at an adults only resort on a secluded Caribbean island. We're still hammering out individual titles, but the series is titled Island Nights. I can't wait to share these stories with y'all! I've turned in book 2, am almost finished with book 1 and just started writing book 3 today. I have to say that these characters rock! I'm definitely in the loving it stage with book 3.

Which brings me to the Bad:

I'm in the middle of revisions for book 1. It happens with every book. There's a moment where I hate it, no matter how much I loved it when I started. I'm definitely there. That strong emotion is usually accompanied by the thought that I suck and will never be able to get what I see in my head down onto the page with any amount of skill. I've come to realize that this too is part of my process. Don't worry, I'll love it again - definitely when I hold the finished product in my hands, but probably after my wonderful editor gives me notes and I get to work to make it the best it can possibly be.

And that leaves us with the Ugly:

My preparations for conference. I'm leaving in less than two weeks and I'm not ready. I started to pull together my schedule and realized that somehow I'm completely booked. This was supposed to be an easy conference. No pitch appointments. Only one workshop to give. Meetings with my agent and editors aren't work but something I look forward to. I only get to see them face-to-face once a year so I really enjoy catching up and just chatting over a cup of coffee. But I've discovered that leaves little time for anything else - like attending workshops, site-seeing or catching a show. So, today I came to the realization that I'm going to be running for six days straight. I should be used to it, but I'm always surprised when I can't get it all in.

So, do you have your own good, bad and/or ugly?



Cheryl said...

No,I don't really have a good, bad or ugly. Okay, maybe ugly - I can't seem to get my head to start working so I can write. It will come, I am sure.

Hope you have a wonderful time at conference. Enoy yourself!!!!

Playground Monitor said...

I got that same kinda ugly as Cheryl and it's frustrating the heck out of me.

I'll miss being at conference with you and PC and SP. But next year... :-)

Instigator said...

Have you tried a change of scenery? It sounds weird but some of my best writing happens in the bathtub. Or if it's nice out try a local park or pool. Give yourself permission to write absolutely nothing. Seriously, when you sit down start typing nothing over and over again. Pretty soon you'll be surprised that different words are flowing from your fingers. They migth not start out as a scene in your book, but you might just surprise yourself and find that it is.

And I know for a fact that both of you are dealing with some difficult stuff. Take the guilt away and stop beating yourselves up over not being superwoman.


Smarty Pants said...

PM, next year you can go and see me at my first RWA booksigning! When I'm stressed, I can't write. Doesn't matter if I have the time, I don't have the mental energy to create. Writing is creating, not just typing words. Maybe you both should try the Artist's Way. Get you into the habit of writing and working through stuff without the pressure of it being 'a book.'

My Good - I SOLD A BOOK! I'm on Cloud 9. I just want to squee and drink champagne and talk about the awesomeness of it all.

The Bad - I need to revise said book. I'm making my way through slowly, but I have to do a good job. I can't imagine the horror of them not accepting it and either changing their mind entirely or buying it, but not buying another one. Its so hard to focus, though. I want to move on to the titles and covers and promotion and I still need to get the actual book ship shape!

The Ugly - CONFERENCE! I'm so not ready. I'm overbooked, overstimulated, overwhelmed. A month ago, I wasn't doing anything but a workshop. Now I'm not sure when I'm going to have time for a nap. It's less than two weeks from now and I need to pack, wax my eyebrows, dye my hair, get my nails done, coordinate travel, our workshop...

But, like Don Henley said, "All she wants to do is dance."

robertsonreads said...

The Good - for me it's Friday (flex hours). I got my lawn mowed last night.

The Bad - Lots of errands to run. Have oil changed, tires rotated, groceries, etc. Must start to-do list.

The Ugly - not enough time....

Good luck ladies with your writing & conference preparations.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I hear you on this list.

My ugly is that I just turned in a book and I have another one due by July 18. This date is not flexible at all. I just started the book. I have to get at least half of it written before conference -- and then I need to be able to shop for conference! Something I've yet to do. I'm not ready. And yes, I'm booked solid once I get there.

Andrea, I understand those worries, but you really shouldn't worry too much. They won't change their mind and you will do a fine job on the revisions. Even if it takes another round, you'll get it. Every time I get hit with revisions, I have those same feelings. This too shall pass. :)

Problem Child said...

Book to finish and conference to prepare for. Yeah, it's ugly...