Monday, June 27, 2011

New Addition

Recently, my family took on a total new adventure! Something I swore I wouldn’t do for a long, long time…

We got a dog.


This beautiful husky puppy is a tornado refugee. Smarty Pants (who is like a stray dog magnet) called to ask if we were interested in him. She texted me a picture. I took one look into those blue eyes and fell. Hard.


A visit overnight showed him to love being with people and good with the kids (very important to me!). The vet said he’d travelled for several days on hot asphalt and done damage to the pads on his feet. But other than that and worms, he was surprisingly healthy. Soon, I’d picked out a name – Griffin (after Griffin Powell in Beverly Barton’s Protectors series for Harlequin.


Once his feet healed, he went back to normal, rambunctious puppy behavior, which had Little Man backing off a bit, but I’m teaching the kids to play with him in ways that expend that overabundance of puppy energy. Drama Queen has become addicted to the “Dog Whisperer” show and takes Griffin on a walk almost every day, without me having to ask her to. The only thing they don’t like about him is scooping poop. LOL

Despite declaring myself “not a dog person” for many years, I find myself smiling as I throw the ball for him and sitting on the back porch at night, rubbing his tummy with my bare feet. I didn’t think I had time to add a new pet to our household, but its been wonderful for us, and I hope wonderful for Griffin as well.

So today we celebrate our pets! Tell me all about your favorite… or the one you wish you had.



Cheryl said...

Griffin is beautiful! And you aren't a dog person? Try telling that to my dogs - they love you. I know they sense when a person is someone they can trust. Dogs know!!! Hope you have a wonderful life with him. He sounds wonderful!!!

Smarty Pants said...

He is so sweet. I knew how much DQ loved my husky so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Otherwise it would've ended up at my house, I just know it. DB and I are both big softies when it comes to animals. That's why we have so darn many and I didn't go out to get any of them. They just show up.

The temprament of a husky is nice. They're energetic, like to play, but they're also lovers. Shadow likes to snuggle. He talks. He doesn't say I love you or something youtube worthy, but they sorta grumble/howl, which scared the crap out of me at first, but my neighbor, who also has a husky, says they're just chatty.

If he was bald, he'd be even better. I could brush him 3 times a day, every day, and my house would still have a layer of wiry, white hair.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm more of a cat person but apartment living (and the desire to just be able to drop everything and go) have me pet-less. I think my favorite of our cats was Spook, the cat we got on a Friday the 13th. I had to argue with the boys about her name. They wanted to name her Freddy or Jason. Sheesh! We knew what her mama was -- a big yellow cat. But Spook's daddy had to have been a Maine Coon cat because she looked just like one. Anyone who saw her photo usually ooohed and ahhhhed over my Maine Coon cat and was stunned when I said she was mixed breed. She was sweet and loving -- until we moved. She didn't handle that well. But cats are funny creatures anyway. You don't own a cat; they own you.

PC's Mom said...

Even though I am a dog person, I'm going to write about Mamma Cat. I started feeding this skinny, gray, stray cat (yes, I know, big mistake, but I can't stand to see a hungry animal.) This skinny kitten got really "fat" and thus the moniker, Mamma Cat.

It's bad enough to feed a cat, but to name one really makes them yours, so we never gave her a real name. You see, I'm mildly allergic to cats -like if they sleep on my pillow - so she was always "Free to a good home."

She survived seven moves in 3 states and 4 dogs. She was a DIVA who topped out at 20 pounds. If we made fun of her weight, her tail would start swishing and if we didn't take that hint to stop, she would get up and leave the room with a regal waddle.

We were her free, good home for 18 years and my life and many others is richer for having known her.

Mamma Cat definitely has "cattitude" and I wonder if she will greet me at The Rainbow Bridge or snub me for leaving her with the 4 dogs for so long.

PS. My verification word is furri and she did have the softest fur I've ever felt.

PM's Mother said...

I just could not leave this alone. Word verification is ummutt. So apropos Add your own remark

Angel said...

What funny verifications today.

If you ask Maven Linda, she'd laugh at you Cheryl for claiming me to be a dog person. Although it is thanks to her that I've come this far. Her goldens taught me how well-behaved big dogs can be, and then Cheryl's big baby letting me pet him each time I went over there.

I'm still more of a cat person, but I'm really enjoying having a dog -- even though he eats everything in sight, including my porch! :)

We've had cats all my life, except the first 2 years of my marriage. After that, my hubby brought home 4 cats. He went to get 2 kittens and couldn't turn away a whole set that had survived a fire. Ashes, Soot, Cinder, and Blaze. The mama died a year later from complications, and one by one we've lost them until only Blaze is left. A 13 pound cat who severely resents the new dog at our house. But he'll finally come back into the living room again. :)

Thanks for sharing all y'all's pet stories with me today!


robertsonreads said...

I have no pet at this time which is fine by me. I am the oldest of 6 kids, married - divorced and brought up 1 son. So for me this is time to take care of me, myself & I.

Instigator said...

He's adorable! I claim the next husky that wanders into the long as it's a girl. :-)


Darla Dixon, Artist said...

That last photo...sooo adorable! Unbearable cuteness.