Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Need a Hero

I'm in the middle of revisions for my current manuscript. They're going...fine. Have I mentioned before that revisions aren't my favorite part of the process? My mind tends to wander in the middle of things to whatever idea is percolating in the back of my brain. It's always better and more exciting than whatever is on the page in front of me. I know, I think I have writer's ADHD - Oooh, look at the shiny new plot. Honestly, the book is great - I had this feeling about this one at one point, too. And I know by the time I get through with the notes from my editor it will be fantastic. In the meantime, I trick my brain by dangling the ability to plot as my carrot.

What I always have the most fun with is fleshing out my heroes. I have to fall in love with him first before I can let him fall in love with my heroine. I've heard editors say that authors tend to play with the same kind of heroes and heroines over and over again. It makes sense that there are qualities from my husband that I naturally put into my books because they're what I find attractive. Physical and emotional attributes. I like me some bad boys - there's something about redeeming them that's so much fun. A man with the ability to be naughty and reckless and loyal and demanding can be so enjoyable to tame. Yeah, bad boys are my favorite.

I know what I like in my question is, what do you look for in a hero?



Angel said...

I was just thinking the other day that fleshing out my characters -- emphasizing what makes them unique -- is one of the things I need to layer in during my revision process.

I like the bad boys too, but mine always come with a dark intensity, and are usually loners.


Playground Monitor said...

You mean your heroes all want to own an alpaca??? ~grin~

I like the bad boy hero too. But underneath it all there has to be a core of honesty and integrity. That's what the heroine taps into once she finds the chink in his armor.

Problem Child said...

All of my heroes are very even-keeled, unlikely to freak out. For those of you who know my Geek, you know that's one of his traits.

Dog knows, I'm flaky and emotional, so that steadiness is something I'm really attracted to!

Smarty Pants said...

I'll be different and say my heroes are more a reflection of my personality than the heroines. I take my sarcasm, smarts, determination and wrap it up in a nice suit, adding lots of money, confidence and sex appeal (things I want, but do not have).

So my heroine is the counter balance I guess. More emotional, pushing the hero to take time to enjoy life and smell the roses.

robertsonreads said...

When reading a book, I am open to what the hero is like, personality, etc. I don't necessarily lean one way or the other.

Cheryl said...

I like the quiet, strong type - COWBOY! Seriously, I am like PM I want him to have integrity and, of course, money...

Elle Adair said...

I'm with Cheryl. I love me some cowboys, which is funny because I lived in Texas for a bit and didn't like it, but give me a fictional range, horse, and a man with a tight backside, Colt .45, southern manners and stetson and I am sold.

I think my suit wearing husband is afraid one day I might bring home a pair of shit-kickers in a size 11.