Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Blog - Anna DeStefano

It appears that Blogger had technical difficulties last week when Anna was here so we're reposting her blog today and welcoming her back again.

Anna DeStefano has long been a great friend to the Playground. She's one of the sweetest people that I've ever met and I love it when she visits with us. So, let's clear off a place on the slide and enjoy!

Secret Legacy:
Book 2 in my now fantasy series...

Like a Dream...

I can't tell you what it means to be back in The Writing Playground, for this guest blog and for this book. It's been a long time, too long a time. But if you told me it was only yesterday that I chatted with you ladies about my first psychic thriller, Dark Legacy, I might just believe you.

Time's passage can be that way, in reality and in dreams. Fey, illusive, while we cling to what seems more tangible. Yet if life has taught us anything, it's that focusing on the abstract can at times be a more healing choice.

I've come to consider the pursuit of the surreal to be absolutely necessary for good mental health ;o) The dreams I've based my Legacy series on came from a life long fascination with first the concept and then the science of lucid dreaming. I've always tended to believe in the near-there more than the next person. And in the 18 months since Dark Legacy's release, I've found myself living more in the in between now than ever before.

I was saddened along with so many others when I heard of Beverly Barton's sudden passing. I felt for her family as I read of her pride in being an active wife and mother and grandmother. And I felt for the Heart of Dixie Romance Writers and the Playground's "children" that she loved so much. And then came the recent storms and the violence and devastation they showered on Alabama and beyond. And there you all were again, in my thoughts every day as I hoped and prayed you were well. I wished then as I do now that there was more I could do besides sending positive vibes your way.

I wished, too, that I could dream you into a better place, and that I could somehow step into the stress and fear and pain you were experiencing and take it away. That’s how things work when mayhem strikes in books like mine. In my fantasies, characters must conquer their fears, of course, and fight their own battles. But past pain is always rewarded with future dreams come true and a happy ending.

Alas, my psychic twins have supernatural abilities that give them a fantastical leg up over us mere mortals. My wish for The Playground remains, nevertheless, that you, too, could wield the same power over reality and the hardship that life inflicts from time to time. I'd dearly love to send you ladies a flash or two of pixie dust ;o)

This was supposed to be a "blog tour" post for my new psychic fantasy, Secret Legacy. So:

• Follow this link to my blog for book info and lots more about the Dream Theories and Psychic Realm that feed my contemporary world building.

• If you're interested in a .99 cent download of Book 1 in the series, go here.

• I've sent Kira a link to the fabulous author interview/book trailer Sheila and her group at Circle of Seven put together for me, hoping it could be added here.

• And I’m talking about the business side of this journey with my publisher, Dorchester, over at my Publishing Isn't for Sissies (PIFS) blog series. Chris Keeslar was just over for a visit.

There... Business done. Now, let's get back to my real reason for being here.

I hope all my stories speak to readers about creating their own reality out of their dearest fantasies. I hope I inspire them to dream beyond the every day we're often forced to endure. And I hope this post has somehow inspired you to do the same.

Harshness and loss will be part of our lives now and again. But these realities can't define us, if we refuse to cling to them. The healing and love that thrive in the energy around us—these are the building blocks of our futures. These are the beginnings of a bright, powerful tomorrow. Whether you call that inherent goodness awaiting our attention the "collective unconscious," as dream scientists do in my books, or if you think of it more simply as positive juju, I wanted my Playground post this time to be about dreaming the world into a better, calmer, promising reality for all of you.

That's what I wish for, as I create and share every story—for myself and my readers and my writer friends. And today most especially for Beverly's "children."

That's my dream for you ladies of The Writing Playground most of all...

Anna, I know I speak for everyone on the Playground when I say thank you for your thoughts and dreams for us. In tough times, knowing that there are people out there supporting you can make all the difference.

Anna's publisher, Dorchester, is offering a free download of Secret Legacy for a randomly selected commenter so be sure and leave her a message!


P.S. I just found out that Dark Legacy is #1 on the Gothic Romance Kindle list, #20 on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Kindle list and #22 on the Contemporary Romance Kindle list. That's awesome, Anna! Definitely great reason to celebrate!


Playground Monitor said...

Welcome back -- again! I cursed Blogger a lot last Thursday. It's been unseasonably cool here lately, but today's supposed to be warmer -- great playground weather.

Congrats on the success of your book!

Problem Child said...

Hi Anna! Sorry you got eaten in the Blogger snafu. It's been a rough few weeks around here... let's hope the Blogger hiccup was the last!

Angel said...

I'm so glad we got to bring this blog back! I didn't make it home last Thursday until after blogger messed up, so though I could read the blog, I couldn't comment. :(

I've always found the theories of dreams fascinating, and yet I myself don't dream very often. At least, I don't remember my dreams very often. When I do, oddly enough, they rarely have people in them that I know. They are mostly strangers. :) Go figure.

In terms of other dreams, the dreams that keep me writing == I appreciate your sentiments and support, Anna. It has been a rough year on the Playground, but we are enduring. And I'm learning to focus on my dreams of writing, nurturing them in the midst of turmoil. I'll get there. I just have to hold my dreams closer than the chaos around me.


Smarty Pants said...

Welcome back, Anna. Sorry Blogger was being such a pain last week.

My dreams... definitely aren't sending me messages. They're usually totally ridiculous or irritating and I wake up all irritated. Not much hidden meaning aside from being frustrated with my day to day life. I've always wanted to be one of those people who dreamed about books or solved problems in their sleep. I definitely don't. Just silly brain time for me.

Congrats on the books.

Anna DeStefano said...

Thanks for having me back, ladies!

Angel, one thing I've learned, from my life of studying dreams and my research for these books, is that dreams are less about what we see in them than they are about how they make us feel. Both while we're dreaming and when we wake. So, strangers or not, the people we meet in our dreams are sharing important truths about ourselves--we just need to learn to listen to those voices ;o)

Smarty Pants, the frustration is actually a good thing. Not a fun thing, but a good outlet, nonetheless. Our dreams help us process (and at times see) the things we don't have time or the ability to see during our conscious life. And we need to work through it all, one way or another. Even if we don't remember why, the feelings that follow us into our waking lives (even from ridiculous dreams)are signs that our minds are doing just that--dealing with what we need to, to keep going strong!

So I say--Good dream work, everyone! Even when it's not feeling warm and fuzzy ;o)

Calisa Rhose said...

I slipped and read the last book I had set aside for a specific purpose two weeks ago. My revisions are not done yet, so I needs me a new revisions-are-through-here's-my-reward book now. :-) This sounds like a good one! A great one! Congrats on your listing spots Anna.

Angel said...

Hmmm... I never thought about how my dreams left me feeling. Just about the plot of them. :) I'll have to pay more attention to that.

Thanks, Anna!

Ah, Calisa, someone else who rewards their writing progress with reading time! It's my all-time favorite reward.


Instigator said...

Anna, sorry I didn't post earlier! I went on the 4th grade field trip today.

I'm with Angel, I don't dream very often. Or rather I don't remember my dreams. Every once and awhile I can wake up and if I write something down immediately then I can remember it. But if I don't catch it withing 10 or 15 minutes...whatever was on my subconscious is gone for good. I really want to try and remember and write down more.


Emma said...

Hi Anna
Congrats on the success of your books!I enjoy reading all of them.Have a great week.