Monday, May 16, 2011

De-Stress - In the Best Way Possible

Yikes! Blogger went crazy last week and ate some of our posts, along with some of your comments. Check back this week, because those posts will make a reappearance this week so we can enjoy them to their fullest.

Yesterday, the Playfriends had a low-key get together, hanging out for lunch, gossiping and talking over chips and cheese dip, then a few of us hit the movie theater to see Bridesmaids (both funny and poignant).

You know, there is nothing better designed to help me de-stress than an afternoon with the girls. I also enjoy:

* reading for a few hours
* losing myself in a good movie
* brainstorming a new plot
* a nice long conversation with my hubby
* a hot bath with bubbles

What about you? What are your favorite ways to de-stress after a long week? How do you relax?



Smarty Pants said...

A day at home with nothing to do is my favorite, but it just doesn't happen much anymore. Yesteray was the first time in a while. Lunch and a movie was great. I came home, watched some stuff off the DVR and went to bed. Pizza delivery and a movie at home is also nice. Reading. Lying in bed watching mindless tv for a few hours. Whatever I can do to sort of shut my brain down into standby mode and get some distracting entertainment.

Playground Monitor said...

I don't have a TV in the bedroom, so it's TV and the sofa for me. And last night was the two-hour season finale for Desperate Housewives. I also de-stress by reading. And I bought myself a membership to the Botanical Gardens. It's a great place to walk and commune with nature. I really miss a big tub. The "garden tub" my apartment so proudly advertises isn't deep enough for a ten-year-old much less me. :-(

PM's Mother said...

Lucky me! I can de-stress by going down to Gould's Inlet (a local site) and just watching the ocean for a while. The sound and motion of the surf is soothing.

Word verification: enron --that will set your bowels aroar!

Jean Hovey said...

I'm fond of taking a nerve pill.

robertsonreads said...

I enjoy reading, a bubble bath in my garden tub (what was I thinking not to use it the 1st year I lived in my home?), mindless tv, an occassional movie with brothers/sisters/nieces & nephews. And time to myself.

Angel said...

Ah, seems I'm on the right track with this crew! We all have a lot in common.

PM's mom -- I envy you your stretch of beach. Though I've shocked the girls at work by saying I'm not a beach person (I prefer the mountains), that's because I don't like to swim in the water and I get burnt when people want to hang out there all day. But give me a beach at sunset with the breeze coming in off the water and I could hang out for quite a while, just listening.

Jean, Is that the old-fashioned nerve pill, or the new fangled kind? :)


Angel said...

Mindless tv seems to rank high on the list too. I'm fond of an evening after getting the wild monkeys into bed of snitching the remote from the hubby and catching up on my shows on the DVR. I'm gonna miss them this summer. :( Time to hit the Netflix list.


Jean Hovey said...

I don't know if it's old or new fangled. My doctor gave it to me when I reached a "certain age". I joke about it, but it is very mild and I take it very seldom.

I don't get as stressed as I used to.

Angel said...

Jean, I was just teasing! I've heard of different things called "nerve pills" from anti-depression medication to some kind of homeopathic that my great-grandmother used to take. :)

I actually take a homeopathic calming supplement called Min-Chex, given to me by my mil, who works with these things. When I'm highly anxious, it definitely helps! I can start to kind of loop the same thoughts over and over in my mind, obsessing over something, and this calms me down a lot, stopping the cycle.