Thursday, May 26, 2011

Best of the Bookshelf - May Edtion

It's our favorite time on the Playground - story time! Today we get to talk about the great books that we're reading and we'd love to hear what books you've enjoyed. Do you have any beach reads you're dying to dig into? How about an upcoming releases you're chomping at the bit for?


I have to say that when May 3rd rolled around and I could download the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel I was in heaven. Charlaine Harris is awesome and my children and husband just had to put up with being ignored for a few days. If you love Sookie, you're going to enjoy Dead Reckoning, the 11th volume in the Southern Vampire Series.

Problem Child

PC is returning to the comfort of her keeper shelf with Bertice Small's This Heart of Mine.
Skye O’Malley was the first romance I ever read, and this story of Skye’s youngest daughter, Velvet, introduced me to the idea of a “family saga.” Velvet’s story is like comfort food and a visit with old friends. Plus, it is everything those 80s historicals should be – including a ripped bodice or two. From London to Scotland to India and France, Velvet’s story is big, sweeping, sensual and fabulous. Alex and Akbar are both wonderful heroes, and reading it brought back memories of high school and good times. Just what I needed right now.


I’ve been desperate to read the latest installment of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series ever since Payne appeared in the last book. Lover Unleashed follows Payne, twin sister of Vishous, who was imprisoned for eons by their mother, the Scribe Virgin. Her freedom comes with a high price: a devastating injury that offers its own form of imprisonment. Dr. Manuel Manello is forced by the Brotherhood to utilize his spectacular medical skills to save her. But one look upon his new patient brings more feelings and complications to his life than he ever imagined possible. So good! I read the entire thing within 24 hours.

Playground Monitor

PM is paying tribute to our own Maven by reading Beverly Barton's Dead by Morning. Maleah Purdue’s skill with the Powell Security Agency is unquestionable. Then someone starts killing her colleagues one by one. The Copycat Carver strikes before dawn and uses a knife with the skill of a surgeon, and his M.O. is identical to that of an already-incarcerated serial killer, Jerome Browning with one exception -- he’s sending pieces of his victims to Maleah. So she and fellow Powell agency consultant Derek Lawrence team up to find the killer. Lawrence is a former FBI profiler and they visit Browning in prison to see if they can learn something – anything – to stop the killing before Maleah becomes his latest victim.

Smarty Pants

SP is enjoying His High-Stakes Holiday Seduction by Emilie Rose this month.
Paige McCauley ran away to Vegas to start a new life and kicked it off with a disappointing attempt at a fling with Trent Hightower. Or at least, so she thought. A year later, he's back in town for the same conference and she's ready to get her revenge. Only problem - he had no idea who she is. This time, she's determined when he leaves Las Vegas, he'll remember her name. Part of my Desire line research. Made me homesick for Vegas. A great holiday story, even to read in June!

So, what are you reading this month?

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