Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wuuuv, Twue Wuuuv! (Updated!)

(Sorry, gratuitous Princess Bride reference. I just love that movie!)


I really am tickled to hear everyone's wuv--I mean, love story. This, my friends, is why I write romance.

I'm also so tickled that we had new commentors today! Yay! I love it when y'all de-lurk.

To reward the de-lurkers and celebrate everyone's love stories, all four of our new commenting friends get books from the Playground bookshelf. So, pearl, ellie, crystalg, and alissa--send me an email at problemchild@writingplayground.com, and we'll get you a book in the mail.

Don't you just love happy endings!

PS: Sharon, you came in just under the buzzer. I'll share the love and send you a book as well if you contact me at the above address.


Smarty Pants said...

Wuuuv is whaat bwings us togefer todaay!

Angel said...

Aaahhh! You guys are nuts.
Congratulation, everybody! Enjoy.