Friday, October 06, 2006

Can I get a SQUEEEE!!!!

I am so thrilled to announce that my fabu CP, Pamela Hearon, has SOLD her first novel to Triskelion! The Timestone Key will be released early next year.

Way to go, Pamela!! I'm so proud of you. It's a great book, and I can't wait to get a "real" copy.

Cyber champange and chocolate all the way around.



Playground Monitor said...

How exciting! And especially after meeting her in Atlanta.

May this be the first of many sales for her.


Instigator said...

Congratulations Pam! This definitely deserves a SQUEEE!!


Lori Borrill said...

Congratulations!! It's always great to hear about first sales. Let's hope this is one of many soon to be celebrated here at the Writing Playground.

Angel said...

Awesome Pam! I'm so excited for you! And it couldn't have happened to a nicer lady.
And from what I hear from PC, this book is really good. Let us know when we can get our hands on it!!!!


Smarty Pants said...

Yay Pam! Can't wait to read it, it sounded awesome!


Kathy said...

SQUEEE! Congratulations, Pam! This is wonderful news! I'm so glad I got to meet you at Nationals. You've got a great, CP in PC!

May this sell be the first of many, many more to come!


Jennifer Y. said...


Patricia W. said...

Congratulations Pam!