Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ugly/Cute Kitten

I finally managed to get my camera to talk to a computer....

Here's the ugly/cute kitten. We've decided he has a remarkable resemblance to a bat. His ears are just huge, his face is sharp and skinny, and his eyes are pretty big too.



Lori Borrill said...

I had something FAR worse in mind. I can't believe you think this is an ugly kitty-cat! (Okay, I'm a cat lover. They pretty much have to be hairless for me to cringe). I actually kind of like his little black chin and big bat ears. If you were slightly insane, you could dress him up like Dracula for Halloween. LOL!

Thanks for sharing!

Problem Child said...

I don't think he's ugly--and I'm not really a cat person.


Instigator said...

Are you kidding me? His ears are almost as big as his fat belly :-) Actually, he's growing on me.

Now, if we could just get rid of his fleas. He's not 12 weeks yet so we can't put a collor or use the liquid stuff on him. Sigh.


Smarty Pants said...

He's adorable. There's something endearing about the bat ears.


catslady said...

awwwwwwwwww I think the kitten's adorable. There's no such thing as an ugly kitten. He'll grow into his ears lol. (they don't call me catslady for nothing)

Angel said...

To get rid of the fleas without meds, give him a bath in Dawn Dishwashing liquid. Kills fleas and the eggs too.