Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And now for something completely different (at least coming from me)

I’m basically a perky, optimistic person, but like most folks, I like to whine about all the little things that tick me off or make me angry. This Blog, of course, gives me the perfect forum (and there have been plenty of idiots recently begging to be blog fodder), and I’ve subjected y’all to plenty of my rants about this and that. It’s easy to concentrate on the small annoyances of life to the extent we ignore the small things that make us happy.

So here are ten random (and possibly odd) things that make me happy and cause a smile— excluding the obvious (like the sound of Amazing Child’s giggle) and the clichéd (like rainbows and puppies).

1. Halloween Candy. I love to bring home the candy for the Trick or Treaters. (I know, I don’t need the calories, and my mother is probably calculating the amount of money she’s invested in my dental work, but hear me out.) The cute little individual packages bring back memories, but more than anything I love the smell of the Super Bubble Bubble Gum. (Admit it, you know exactly the smell I’m talking about. Nothing else smells quite like it.) That’s the taste and smell of proper bubble gum—even if it sticks to my fillings and has a sugar content that has put many a dentist’s child through college. Super Bubble is a fabulous treat (at least until it turns into that flavorless concrete after about four minutes) that I only indulge a couple of times a year.

2.) T-Ball. Now, we all know I’m not the sporty type, but even I love to watch kids play T-Ball. First Base is making a daisy chain while the center fielder braids the left fielder’s hair. So what if the batter runs the bases in the wrong direction? One good T-Ball game will have you practically peeing in your pants from laughter. And the kids have such a good time—win or lose.

3.) Hot Showers—especially on cold days. I don’t normally have time for long soaks in the tub, but a hot shower is the next best thing. Something about the shower clears my head—anything from plot problems to world peace can be solved when I’m in the shower. Once I’m warm all the way through and squeaky clean from head to toe, I feel like I can conquer the world.

4.) Rainy days when I don’t have to go anywhere. Rainy days beg to be spent under the duvet. Naps, book reading, maybe a snuggle with DG and AC— I love a day when I don’t have to get up and go anywhere. And the sound of the rain is unbelievably relaxing.

5.) Fluffy socks. I will wear shoes designed by sadists destined cripple me as long as they are cute and fabulous, but when I’m home I want warm, soft, fluffy socks. I’m cursed with cold toes, so the warmer the socks the better, but they must also be soft and fluffy. I don’t care if they are God-awful ugly as long as they warm my tootsies and feel good on my feet. God Bless the fluffy sock makers.

6.) Mundane things made pretty. Nobody likes scrubbing the bathtub, but doing it while wearing lipstick-red gloves with a spotted faux-leopard trim make it much more bearable. Storage containers in rainbow colors. Paperclip holders that look like frogs. A child-sized computer mouse painted to look like a lady bug. The smallest things can make a difference—including taking something small and normally ignorable and making it smile-worthy.

7.) The smell of my mom’s perfume. Instant comfort. Even if I smell it on another woman, it brings a smile to my heart and a feeling of security. Mom left a sweater at my house one day; I put it on and snuggled into a warm, mom-smelling hug. Excellent mental health moment.

8.) Baby shoes. First it’s the ridiculousness of the item—why on earth do babies need shoes? It’s not like they’re walking anywhere, and keeping shoes on a baby’s feet is an exercise in futility. (Ask Counselor Shelley—we decided the actual job of a Godmother is to keep up with the baby’s shoes during the christening.) But they’re so darn cute. You can’t help but oooh and ahhh over the things—even if they do cover the truly adorable thing: baby toes.

9) Wearing sweaters (or t-shirts) belonging to the Darling Geek. That line in Keith Urban’s song “Take your cat and leave my sweater,” is immediately understandable by both sexes. Every woman’s husband (or boyfriend) has an item of clothing that ends up on his beloved’s body on a regular basis. It’s a double standard—a woman is expected to wear clothes belonging to her man, but if the man raids her closet, it’s grounds for divorce or serious counseling. DG has two sweaters that routinely smell like my perfume, but they look cute on me, darn it. But the comfort (and fashion) aspect aside, what really makes me smile is that DG doesn’t mind when his clothes end up on me. That’s love.

10.) Reading comments on the blog. No, that’s not a shameless ploy to get lurkers to comment. Clicking over to the blog and finding someone has responded to my entry always makes me smile. I’m a writer with only this Blog as my forum; I love knowing I’ve made a connection with someone by something I’ve written—even if it’s over something silly like a common love of baby toes.

So, there are ten admittedly odd things that make me happy. What odd thing makes you happy and puts a smile on your face for no good reason?

The Not-So-Problematic-Today Child

P.S. And a Happy Halloween to all. Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain tonight or else I'll have a very grumpy AC on my hands.


Linda Winstead Jones said...

I can agree with almost everything on your list. My mom doesn't wear perfume, though, so I'd have to strike that one. She has allergies.

Most of my stuff is pretty ordinary. Grandbabies are the very best, but that's too big for this list. So -- little things that make me feel happy. Christmas lights. My softest, warmest blanket in winter. A cool breeze on a warm day. The smell of my husband's gumbo. (better than perfume any day! :-)) Soaking in the tub after working in the yard and getting horribly dirty. The first sip of coffee in the morning.

You know, there are so many wonderful little things in life, and they're what make life so much fun!


Smarty Pants said...

Great list. I'm with you on all of those, and LJs. In addition, I go nuts over holiday cartoons like It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown or A Garfield Christmas Special. My little sister's voice when she squeals "Sissy," the smell of baking cookies, snuggling under a blanket on the couch watching tv...


Rhonda said...

Like SP and LJ, I can agree with most everything on your list. I like my mother's meatloaf, the scent of baking bread, a lazy stroll through misting rain, roasting marshmellows, scented candles, seeing my kids' faces when they come out of school, pulling out the sofa bed and having movie marathons, bubble baths...and coming out of my bra at the end of the day. :-) TMI? Probably, but...

Anonymous said...

My best writer friend put an international ban on my mentioning my "comfy socks" anywhere on my blog or hers, but since you brought it up here ... amen, sister!

I love this list, PC, and would count every single item on my own. I'd also add puppy kisses (from our English shepherd), the scents of baby powder, pipe tobacco, roses and cinnamon, and my children's smiles (even if they did cost us a fortune in orthodontics - it was worth it).

It's easy to concentrate on the small annoyances of life to the extent we ignore the small things that make us happy.

Exceptionally well said ... it's the little happy things in our lives that should make all the other stuff just fade off into the background - a great reminder!

Smarty Pants said...

Rhonda - I'm there with you on the bra thing. :)


Kathy said...

Warm woolen mittens and pink satin sashes, snow flakes that fall on my nose and eye lashes.... LOL.

Your blog fits my mood today, PC. As I was walking this morning, I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful fall colors dancing around me in the breeze. Let me add...a gentle breeze, a warm purring kitten or two on my lap as I snuggle under homemade blankets and watch movies, birds chirping, hawks gliding through the sky, crows cawing in a field, a river cascading over rocks, hearing the word Mommy or Mimi coming from the ones I love, that knowing look my DH gives me when he knows what I'm thinking and I don't even have to say it, the look of pride in my child's eyes when he or she has accomplished something no matter how phenomenal, being able to cross off all the things on my to do list, an excited dog waiting for my return home, the smell of my Grandmother's perfume (sometimes I spray it on just to feel close to her even though she's been gone many years), my Dad's sweater, music from my youth, singing in the choir, creating something with my hands, planting flowers then sitting back and watching them grow, and so, so many more. Last but not least...(those who know me are waiting for it) the final Concession Stand night!


Carol said...

Rainy days when I don’t have to go anywhere.

I love those! I can just stay in and read!

Playground Monitor said...

Love the list! I've re-discovered how wonderful little babies smell (most of the time anyway). And I'm with ya on those comfy socks.

I'm just hoping this rain passes through so I'm not stuck with two bags of enticing chocolate candy. The number I saw on the scale at the doctor's office this morning means no more candy.