Friday, December 09, 2005

Take Time to Make Time

As you may recall, my last post was primarily me whining about all the things in my life that keep me from writing. I got a sound slapping for my round of excuses and will be the subject of a plotting session Saturday morning to spur me on. An experience tantamount to being naked in front of people, but I guess if you're going to flaunt it, do it in front of others that are willing to do the same when their turn comes around. You'll get honest but kind answers.

Of course, I'm sure every writer on the planet could create a list of things that could get in their way. I'm not the only one with issues. Spouses. Kids. Household chores. Work. Personal crisis. Illness...

Between my work and trying to keep up my household, I have a hard time. I don't have a clue how anyone with children can manage. I give a hearty round of applause to any writer with small children, especially my fellow playmates. They've shared their recent trials and tribulations and I can't fathom how I could manage my current life while also adding in a small, helpless mini-me or two to the mix.

But they do it. Authors everywhere do it. They let the dishes sit in the sink. They hang a "do not disturb unless you're bleeding" sign on the door and they start pounding on the keys. They take the time to make the time. That's what I really need to learn how to do. To make my writing the priority it deserves to be. It's not something I'm playing at. It's not a hobby like scrapbooking or knitting. It's a dream, but it is also business. Something based in fantasy now, but something that can be very much a reality if I take time to make time.'s my goal. Once I say it out on the blog where God and Country can read it, I'm held accountable, so I'll say it. I will write 1 page per day, minimum. Regardless of what crisis comes my way, I can squeeze out 10 - 15 minutes to crank out a page. Not a perfect page, but a page. Letters on a screen that can be molded into my story. I'm going to give myself this gift, Merry Christmas to me. 10 - 15 minutes a day to write. If I can manage that, I can work up to a half hour. Maybe 2 or 3 pages, depending on if I get on a roll. Either way, I'm going to sit - butt in seat, hands on keys and force myself to do this. I owe it to myself.

What are you going to do to help make the time?



Angel said...

Hmmm... This is a hard one because I too am having holiday brain scramble. But I'm at an enjoyable part of my book where I get to dream and plot. So I'm aiming for 20 minutes of "plot thinking" early in the day (which includes writing down notes, of course).
I find that if I do this early in the day, it continues on and off throughout whatever the rest of my day entails. Thus, I end up getting more done than just those 20 minutes.
And I think I'll post a big reminder over my computer so I'll remember to do this. And maybe on the fridge...and bathroom mirror...and my day planner...


Instigator said...

I'm going to get through Christmas :-) Actually, my bosses won't be in the office today. So...after the baby goes down for her nap I'm going to work on chapter five. No surfing the net. No computer games. No online poker. I actually have the office to myself for a change and I'm going to take advantage of that!
After today? Who knows.


Playground Monitor said...

I've just about cried "Uncle" and given myself permission to write absolutely nothing til after the first of the year. So much for December goals. *sigh* I wonder if it's even reasonable to expect to be able to write during the holidays? I suppose if I had a deadline looming, I'd have no choice.

Off to clean house a little and then start cooking for our party tomorrow!

Problem Child said...

I'm not sure how we come off in this post. Does tomorrow sound like an intervention to other people, where we gather round--fully supportive, of course, and armed with lots of "I" statements--to pull you out of your writing funk?

Or do we come across as a hoard of writing avengers, swooping in to set you straight, darn it.

I like to think of these Saturday sessions like a NASCAR pit stop. Pull in, the other playfriends rush out to check everything over, replace a bad tire or two, fill you up with gas and a refreshing drink and send you merrily on your way. All in no time flat.

And by the way--can I be next?


Smarty Pants said...

I'm sure my pitstop won't take up the whole time, so be prepared to pull in next, PC.

I think our meetings are whatever they need to be. Support, brainpower, a kick in the tail... sometimes a balanced mix of all three is what's needed. The muddled middle always gets me, so I need to get over this hump before I can sail to the end. Its an unnerving process for me, but I trust the children to handle me well.


Maven Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm in awe of everyone who can balance an outside career and/or raise children and still make the time to write. That's dedication, children.

To be honest, I rarely write at all during the holidays. Thanksgiving to Christmas is a vast wasteland, creativity wise. Well, not entirely asted. My brain continues to work on the wip, and by the time I finally get back to the computer all I have to do is move the words to the computer. So, plotting while I make cookies or scrub the bathroom or wrap packages really should count for something. **g**

You're definitely on the right track, SP.