Thursday, December 08, 2005

Holiday Madness?

Well, okay. The fact that I'm late posting my blog can't exactly be blamed on Holiday madness. And in reality I'm not late as it is still Thursday morning - but I usually post late on Wednesday night so it feels late to me.

But I suppose I can probably be excused as I've had alot going on in the last few days, not all holiday related. My father is gone for 2 weeks to Russia, my mother is home alone which means I worry about her. A squirrel got out into their house while my pregnant sister was up visiting and interviewing for a job up here (please pray that she gets it as I'd love for her to move home) and my mother was watching my nephew. Let me tell you, panic ensued. And they all looked to me to fix it.

But that excitement can't be blamed for my tardiness either as that happened on Tuesday. My brain just shorted out. It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't specifically thought about the blog last night and went, "It's Wednesday. I don't have to post until tomorrow night." Hello! We've been doing this blog for weeks and my day has never changed.

What is it about this time of year that scambles the brain?

I am not a list person. Ask any of the other children. I break out in hives at the mention of a list.
But low and behold I have several - including one for the food that will be cooked at my house when I host the family Christmas dinner for the first time this year. (Don't worry too much my mother is coming over to cook the turkey. I'm such a chicken.). I'm so wrapped up in what I need to be doing when and where and how that I'm not enjoying this holiday season at all. Maybe I'll start to feel in the spirit this weekend after we put up our decorations and take the girls to pick out a Christmas tree. Or the week before Christmas when most of the things on my lists have been taken care of - maybe then I'll be able to breathe a bit.

Until then, I guess I'll just have to resign myself to the holiday hoopla and my brain malfunctions. Oh, and the fact that writing is so far down on the list it ain't even funny. I've been working on chapter five for over a week. I can usually finish a chapter in two or three days. Oh well, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortuantely, I know it's the high speed train of my brother's wedding which is the end of January. Here's hoping I can get out of the way.



Problem Child said...

Lists are good. Lists are your friend. Make lots of them. Make a list of your lists. Make a list of lists you need to make. Make back-up lists in case you lose your lists.

Lists make other people think you are organized...


Smarty Pants said...

And be sure to add things to your list that you've already done so you can cross them off!


Instigator said...

My skin is itching at the thought os all those lists, PC :-)
I'm taking a page from SP's book. My lists are in excel format - complete with highlighting, checkmarks and formulas. If I'm gonna make a list I at least want to enjoy the process ;0)


Playground Monitor said...

I'll repeat what PC said. "Lists are your friend." Get a nifty notebook to put your lists in and that makes it more fun than if you scribble it on the back of an old envelope. *g* Excel is too much work!

These days, if I don't write it down, it's as good as forgotten.