Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ho, Ho, Ho

I don't have any fancy graphics to post like PM always does, but the holiday sentiment is the same.

Merry Christmas, Playfriends!!

Problem Child


Instigator said...

Merry Christmas Guys!

I hope your day was better than mine :-)
Sierra and I still both have fevers.
The turkey was frozen and I wrenched my shoulder trying to pry out the gunk inside. My first Christmas dinner was 2 hours late.
Baby Girl woke up from her nap cranky and cried for a solid 45 minutes, screaming, kicking, stamping her feet the whole nine yards - nothing made it better.
And finally, once she calmed down she was standing between my coffee table and couch with DH, SweetPea and our blind dog and tripped, hitting her face on the metal underside of the table, falling on the dog and getting scratched and bit to heck and back. She looks like she's been playing in an NHL game. One side of her face is purple and blue, the corner of her lip is cut, swollen and looks almost black and she has scratches from her mouth to the underside of her chin. It wasn't the dog's fault - she seriously didn't know what was going on. But I could have done without that!!!
We're all ok for the moment - and everyone's in bed - so here's hoping we've experienced our last trauma for the day.

Instigator - seriously hoping y'alls day was filled only with love, laughter and overeating :-)

Playground Monitor said...

One thing's for sure: you'll always remember this Christmas. *g* Sorry you had such a rotten day.

begins singing a la Little Orphan Annie "Tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow. It's only a day away!"

We had our Christmas dinner at home last night and opened gifts. Then we watched "Polar Express" (can YOU still hear the bell?) before bed. This morning we went to Birmingham to have Christmas with #1 son, his wife and her family. It was a great day and I gave Baby2B his father's Paddington Bear that he received on his first Christmas 27 years ago. I included a little note with a bit of Paddington story plus this bear's particular history and told Baby2B to "Please look after this bear." I made Daughter-in-law and her mom cry. It was happy tears though. I think I did good. :-)

Now I'm pooped, already in my jammies and I'm gonna pile up in the bed with a book while #2 son watches a movie and the DH plays with his new Texas Hold 'Em poker computer game.