Monday, December 26, 2005

The Denouement

Whew. Christmas is over. All in all, I had a pretty good day (a heck of a lot better than Instigator’s by the look of yesterday’s comment. Sorry, hon.) Santa was darn good to me, we had no major catastrophes, and the joy on AC’s face as she came down the stairs and saw the cookies were gone and presents were left next to the tree was just amazing. Technically, Christmas isn’t quite over for us, as we head up to Tennessee today to see the rest of the family, but the big push is over.

The week after Christmas and before New Year’s Eve always seems a bit like the Twilight Zone. The tree is still up, but there aren’t any presents under it. There’s no big rush leading up to New Year’s like there was for Christmas. After the endless Christmas carols, the radio seems a bit bland. (Why aren’t there any New Year’s songs?) My to-do list seems manageable, and there’s no longer this big looming date that everything must be finished by. There’s time to think about my New Year’s resolutions, but I still have a week before the diet begins and I start doing yoga three times a week.* I’m in limbo; 2005 is pretty much over, but 2006 hasn’t started. This week doesn’t really count, so I can eat all the chocolate out of my stocking without guilt. I can laze on the couch while the exercise machine functions as a clothes rack without worry. Leftovers make darn good meals, and I’m not yet concerned about where all the new toys will actually live.

But after my week in Limbo Land, I’ll be back to the real world. And, as always, I have a long list of resolutions. I won’t bore you with them here. I know you have your own. But I do know that my writing avoidance must come to an end. No more excuses. I know if I don’t get busy, the Playfriends will have an intervention on me, and I’ll end up having to post *my* homework every day…

So, enjoy this week, everyone. My next official post will be day one back in the real world, and I expect everyone to be ready to go. If big things are going to happen in 2006, we need to get moving.

Problem Child

*I heard that snort of disbelief. Ye of little faith. Or ye of great knowledge of Kimberly…


Playground Monitor said...

I think you've very adequately described this week. I'm debating whether to head out and brave the crowds just to save a little money on some wrapping paper and Christmas cards. Or would it be better to just pile up in the bed with a book?

After a moment's thought, the book wins. I can always get paper at the Dollar Tree next year. And cards too. Problem solved!

Smarty Pants said...

I would do yoga three times a week if I could find 6 square feet to do the cobra position without running into something or having a cat rub on me.

Of course, I'll start thinking about all that when we begin cranking out the resolutions.


Playground Monitor said...

I ended up going out after all. Got 5 rolls of wrapping paper for fifty cents each. Exciting, huh?

Uh... we have to crank out resolutions??