Friday, December 30, 2005

A Fresh Start

2005 is almost officially behind us, 2006 hovering in front of us, full of possibilities and hopes. 2005 was a roller coaster year for me. Careerwise, it stank. My job and everything about it was enough to drive me nearly to quit and work wherever I could just to get away. "Would you like to supersize that for 49 cents more?"

Putting all that aside, though, my year had some great high points. My writing has blossomed as I joined HOD and got involved with the group. Reno, Mentone...all fabulous experiences that brought me closer to the Mavens and my playfriends. Even though January started off with a big, fat R from SIM, it got so much better - the R even earned me my PRO pin. Personally, things have gone well. I got a puppy. I got to travel to Germany and Austria which was awesome. My DB and I are doing great and although I have yet to receive the something sparkly I'd hoped for, I really can't complain. I got a jigsaw. Practical SP loves power tools.

As Instigator said, its a great time of year to look back on everything we've accomplished this last year and give ourselves a pat on the back. Who would have thought this time last year that we've have such a fabulous playground or so many awards to our credits? Or so many feet pictures to share? :)

So, on to 2006. What will it hold for me? Will the new paranormal line at HQ be the break I'm hoping for? Will the lower word counts mean I won't have to ramble unnecessarily to meet the minimums anymore? Will Atlanta be a great year for networking and promoting the Playground? It all remains to be seen, but I'm optimistic. Yes, me...the reigning Queen of Pessimism. All of the playfriends are doing so well that I hope that for all of us, this might be THE year.

I know that PM poo-poo'd resolutions, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. Let's even keep to writing related resolutions so we don't have to read three months from now about how we said we'd do pilates every day. Yeah, that will happen. Anyway...writing resolutions for 2006...


1. Finish Forbidden Embrace/Angel of the Night and get it off to somewhere, be it SIM, the paranormal line, whatever, just out the door before Atlanta rolls around and I get black listed at HQ!

2. Continue my 1 page a day goal.

3. Find a CP to work with that won't make me cry, scream or hand it back and say "it's good."

4. Start developing my 4th book with a solid outline to help me through the middle.

5. Plan a kick a** MBTI session for the HOD workshop in September.

Ok. I showed you mine. Time to show me yours.


Problem Child said...

What, my yoga 3 times a week resolution isn't good enough? :-)

My main writing goal is to focus. No more piddling around on the days I have to write. One page a day sounds like a good idea--but I think mine will be 7 pages a week (that way I can spend time with AC and not feel guilty for skipping my quota for the day.)

This goal will increase come August. AC starts kindergarten and I'll have every day to write...


Smarty Pants said...

Now that I'm officially off the homework schedule, I think I'm going to be a little more lenient with myself if I need to skip a day then write two pages the next. I just want to start building the habit regardless.

I did setup my guest room so that I can use the weight bench and have space for yoga, pilates, meditation, whatever without cats rubbing on me. We'll see how that works.


Playground Monitor said...

Since y'all INSIST I have goals *g* this is what I have in mind:

* Write at least one story and submit to True Confessions magazine.

* Make significant headway on the novel that I've already started.

* Write an article on blogging for the chapter newsletter.

* Write at least one article per quarter for Suite magazine.

I think that's achievable.

After talking with my pharmacist last week, I've discovered that some of the "fogginess" I've been experiencing can possibly be due to the increase in the dosage of one of my meds. She said my body will adjust but I'll just have to be patient. I don't always like being patient.

Playground Monitor said...

Oh... forgot to add that your New Year's icon and your Christmas one as well were cute. Some of us aren't as skilled with PhotoShop.

Instigator said...
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Instigator said...

okay, I was told to get my butt over here and post my goals so that they could be trotted out at a later date and used to taunt me :o)

1.) Write 3 books (including the one I'm currently working on)
2.) Start using MSN Money to track writing expenses
3.) Write several articles and/or book reviews for the playground
4.) Run my playground contest - including co-ordinating articles and interviews
5.) Lose those last pesky 15 pounds I can't seem to shed (okay so it really should be 20 but I'll start with something I think I can do)

I think that about covers it.