Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Name That Tune!

There are 11 shopping days til Christmas. This is about the best blogging I can do.

You've shopped.
You've wrapped.
You've addressed, stamped and mailed.
You've decked the halls.
Now it's time for a little fun.

Can you guess the titles of these Christmas songs?

Email your answers along with your name and snail mail address to me at by midnight CST tonight (December 14). Be sure to put "Blog Contest" in the subject line. And while you're at it, how about leaving us a comment on the blog. We love hearing from y'all.

The person with the most correct answers will win an autographed copy of SHADES OF SCARLET by Linda Fallon (one of the mavens) and a set of six wineglass charms.

In case of a tie, the names will be put into my Santa hat and I'll draw a winner.

1. Approach everyone who is steadfast.

2. Ecstasy toward the orb.

3. Listen! The Foretelling spirits harmonize.

4. Hey, minuscule urban area southwest of Jerusalem.

5. Quiescent nocturnal period.

6. The autocrat troika originating near the ascent of Apollo.

7. The primary carol.

8. Embellish the corridors.

9. I'm fantasizing concerning a blanched yuletide.

10. I apprehended my maternal parent osculating with a corpulent unshaven male in crimson disguise.

11. During the time ovine caretakers supervised their charges past midnight.

12. The thing manifests itself at the onset of a transparent day.

13. 288 Yulitide hours.

14. Jovial Yuletide desired for the second person singular or plural by us.

15. Geographic state of fantasy during the season of mother nature's dormancy.

16. Creator, cool it, you kooky cats!

17. Valentino, the roseate proboscises wapiti.

18. The slight percussionist lad.

19. Father Christmas approaches the metropolis.

20. Seraphim we aurally detected in the stratosphere.

Good luck! And no fair using Google. ;-) Or Yahoo. Or Blingo. Or... **gg**


Jennifer Y. said...

I really like your blog!

raine said...

A rousing bit of good fun!!

Thanks for the carol challenge. I've discovered that I still have brain cells!

Jennifer Y. said...

The carol challenge was fun...but difficult without using search engines...good thing I like Christmas music...I tried my best, but probably missed a few!

rowena cherry said...

The quiz was fun, although in some cases a number of carols would fill the bill, especially if one sings from several denominations' hymnals

Meljprincess said...

That was super fun! Happy Holidays to all!

My favorite Christmas song is: Oh, Holy Night.

Angel said...

Great job, PM! These were all really cute and fun.
My favorite Christmas Carol is O, Come All Ye Faithful. Our church sings the chorus, O Come Let Us Adore Him, year-round.


Smarty Pants said...

I lean toward the twisted Christmas Carols like "The Restroom Door Said Gentleman" and "I Came Upon a Roadkill Deer" however if I had to pick a traditional carol, I do love "Oh Holy Night" when it is performed well. "The Hippo Song" and "The Chipmunk Song" rank pretty high as well.

Now who does this surprise...

Sabe said...

What fun! I really had to think to figure out those carols -- and I'm not sure I got all of them right.

Jennifer Y. said...

I love Christmas of my favorites is "Mary, Did You Know?" Clay Aiken has a good version of it on his Christmas CD.

Jennifer Y. said...

Oh and I was just wondering if you made the quiz up...

And I agree with rowena cherry,
several carols (or alternate titles) could fit for some of the clues which made it even more difficult, but fun!

Instigator said...

My favorite has always been The First Noel followed closely behind What Child Is This? quite possibly because I learned to play both of them on the piano. My Mom always loved to hear us play at Christmas :-)

Great contest PM!


Playground Monitor said...

Wowzer! Lots of folks are playing along.

I like the traditional carols but also the newer songs too. A couple of my favorite contemporary songs are "It Must Have Been the Mistletoe" by Barbara Streisand and "No More Blue Christmases" by Natalie Cole.

Smart Pants mentioned twisted carols. If I hear "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" again I might puke. But "Walking 'Round in Women's Underwear" is a particular favorite. ;-) I heard a new one a week or so ago -- "Pretty Little Dolly" by Mona Abboud. Hopefully you can get to it here: Little Dolly by Mona Abboud.wav . It's a scream! This woman is a voice-over artist and did this song live on the Carson show back in the sixties.

I need to go find my Santa hat so I can do my drawing tonight. Yep, several folks have gotten them all correctly! And I'll post the answers as well. Someone asked if I made them up. I wish I could take credit, but my mom sent them to me before the days of email because they're on a xeroxed sheet of paper.

Problem Child said...

and gee, they're people who aren't related to us!