Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas Pet Peeves

Okay, after PM's wonderful post yesterday I had wanted to be steeped in the Christmas spirit, post something profound and spiritual. But it ain't gonna happen. I've been staring at the screen (my head pounding) and have erased several spewing rants (because I didn't want to infect anyone else with my bah humbug mood). I know the exact cause of my emotional downturn - I spent yesterday with a very sick child (who seems much better today), am now fighting off my own cold and sinus headache, and have filled the last week with family...issues. Thank God I haven't had to brave the malls. Someone would probably have lost their head - and I don't mean me.

I hate feeling this way. Heck, I'm usually complaining about people like me at the holidays. And finding myself as THAT PERSON is really annoying me (just one more thing :-). So, in an effort to purge this feeling and get back to the true meaning of the season (and hopefully find my normally cheerful, optimistic attitude) I'm going to list one pet peeve of the season and then one thing I love the most. Hopefully it'll remind me what to embrace and what to let go.

Feel free to join me!

Pet Peeve - having to share this holiday season with family who don't understand the true meaning of Christmas

Love - Singing carols with my girls (not to mention listening to my 18 month old try to sing) while driving around with them and my husband looking at Christmas lights.

Now that's a happy thought I can get behind :-)

May Santa bring what your heart desires and the New Year find you prosperous.


Playground Monitor said...

Pet Peeve -- Rude people, any time of year. You don't have to push and shove, traffic won't move any faster if you lay down on the horn and the world won't stop spinning if you have to buy generic cranberry sauce because they're out of Ocean Spray.

Love -- singing along to Christmas carols in the car or in stores. I found myself in Hobby Lobby the other day belting out "Let There Be Peace on Earth" accompanied by the P.A. system.

Angel said...

Pet Peeve-People who don't understand why you won't attend every single Christmas event created under heaven and make comments implying how lazy you are. I hate being rushed, especially with small children.

Love-Christmas lights and decorations in any way, shape, and form. It's amazing how Christmassy it can feel with just a single strand of twinkling lights. Not to mention the oohs and aahhs of my dear Drama Queen every time we turn on the Christmas tree lights.

Speaking of Christmas carols, dear Drama Queen and I sang them all the way through the grocery store the other day (she's 5). Some people looked at us funny, but most people smiled. Some even started to sing along. That's a great gift to give a stranger at the holidays, don't you think?


Smarty Pants said...

Pet Peeve - I've got to agree with PM. As I noted in my day after Thanksgiving post, I hate the way the obligations of the season seem to morph normal people into complete jerks. Pushing, shoving, honking, cutting you off, being rude to sales people, cutting in line...Merry Christmas to you buddy!

Love - While I love all the Christmas stuff - making cookies, decorating the tree, singing carols...I especially love giving gifts to my loved ones. Not bragging, but I am particularly good at listening, finding out what people want without them even saying it, then surprising them Christmas morning. I love the looks on their face - the mix of "how did you know?" with "you shouldn't have" and "hot damn!"

Playground Monitor said...
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Playground Monitor said...

Gift giving is a true art. Sometimes I get lucky and overhear the right comment at the right time. But since we don't live close to our family, our time together is sparse so those opportunities are few and far between. Hence the November email that reads "Please give me some ideas for your gift." At least I know that the flying goggles that my brother-in-law is getting will be put to good use. And the Redneck Haiku calendar will be much appreciated by my nephew at Georgia Tech. And my mom's gonna LOVE those Rod Stewart Great American Songbook CDs.

I baked cookies yesterday, and lest you start thinking of me in dometically superior ways, they were the ones you break apart, place on a cookie sheet and bake. **gg** But that wonderful smell of baking snickerdoodles and chocolate chip cookies was wonderful. Eating the snickerdoodles has been wonderful too. I've no doubt I'll re-gain the 5 pounds I lost with the virus last week.