Monday, December 05, 2005

Santa Baby

The holidays are in full swing around here. Saturday was Amazing Child’s Christmas party—just to put us into the holiday spirit. Or should I say, holiday exhaustion. Seven children, assorted parents, cookie decorating, the works. Thankfully, children’s parties end early, and we were able to get AC into bed (if not asleep) and collapse ourselves by 9 pm.

As Darling Geek and I lay there, he let out a long sigh and asked, “So what do you think you want for Christmas?”

Excuse me? I wanted to smack him but couldn’t muster the energy. I’ve been in holiday mode for weeks now—shopping, decorating, cooking. Before anyone thinks I’m some sort of obsessive-compulsive Martha wanna-be, let me defend myself. A good portion of my holiday shopping gets shipped overseas; therefore I must shop early and ship early. I jumped straight from Thanksgiving to shopping/decorating/etc. for Saturday’s party. I’ve addressed Christmas cards (again, so many of them could go to far-flung areas of the globe) and stood in line at the post office. AC’s holiday spirit means we sing carols all day long and count down to Christmas on the advent calendar. DG is just NOW starting to think ahead to the holidays?

I know it’s still technically early, but since Christmas decorations have been up at the mall since November 1, and Santa staked out his spot weeks ago, it seems as though the run up to Christmas gets longer every year. Hence, the Christmas burnout comes earlier each year as well. It’s barely December and I’m already struggling to find my holiday spirit. Right now the only thing I know I want for Christmas is twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep followed by twelve hours of uninterrupted writing time.

Okay, to be completely honest, “Book Contract” tops my Christmas wish list. Don’t look at me like that; you know you want one too. What aspiring writer doesn’t? Might as well wish big, right?

Unfortunately, that’s out of DG’s power—along with peace on earth, a cure for cancer, and an end to poverty and hunger. All those things we forget to wish for because we’re blinded by the giant XBox advertisements.

So, I’m fighting my Christmas burnout by backtracking to Thanksgiving and reminding myself of all the things I have to be thankful for (and one day, I’ll get to add that book contract to the list).

So what’s on your Christmas list?


Angel said...

Like you, sleep and uninterrupted writing time fall high on the list, as I'm sure it does for most writers with young children.

I always find it funny when I hear relatives and even dear hubby discussing what to get me for holidays and birthdays. They talk about me being a "writer" as if this is some alien incarnation. They have no idea what to buy for me. Apparently my interests are completely foreign to them, though many of my family are readers.

You should have seen my husband's face when I told him I wanted pens in my stocking for Christmas (I write my first drafts by hand). But I did wake up Christmas morning to some really nice pens in my stocking. Good job!

At this point, my secret wish is for my partial to be read in earnest and not just skimmed over in the rush to clear the desk before the new year.


Smarty Pants said...

Last year, my partial got swept up in the "let's clean off our desks before we leave for the holiday." Not that it would have been graciously swept up with open arms had it been July, but they had also forgotten to log it, lost it, then suddenly, after the senior editor and I discussed me emailing her a copy, up popped the form rejection from her assistant. Sigh. Even if mine were finished right now (I did 2 pages this weekend - paltry, but a start) I wouldn't send it until January.

My Christmas list...of course a book contract and world peace top my dream list. Somewhere between dreams and reality is the hope of an engagement ring. The list that's actually posted to my fridge includes exciting things like new sheets, a Depeche Mode CD, and a toaster oven. Practical SP strikes again. :)

I did get one gift last night though that I didn't dare ask for -we moved the foosball table out of my living room!

Smarty Pants

Instigator said...

I'll settle for a quick request for a full off my partial with maybe some revision notes. But seeing as it just arrived in Tornoto last Friday I seriously doubt I'll get that.

I actually haven't made a list. I've told my family that I want money - I'm building up my Atlanta fund. I told DH that we'd count my conference fee as his present to me. It isn't very glamorous but it's practical. I know, shocking that I'd be practical - maybe DH is rubbing off a little.

I'm actually more excited about what I got DH this year than anything I might get (that excitement will hit in July when I get to benefit from the gifts :-) No matter how much I try he always seems to get gipped (except the year I got him a pool table - shocked the hell out of him). I've finally managed to get him something that he'll love. Something he hopefully isn't expecting. It so rarely happens that I'm just loving the idea of surprising him.


Smarty Pants said...

All that build up, Instigator, then you don't tell us what you bought him!

Instigator said...

Well...I'd tell y'all but my DH likes to drop in on the blog and read up on the group.

I'll let you guys in on the secret on Saturday though :-)