Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday post from Problem Child

Wow, is it really Tuesday? This time last week, I was in Northern Ireland seeing the sights, and this time next week, I’ll be home.

So here I am, in Back-of-Beyond Scotland (which, while isolated, is possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth). Internet access is limited to dial-up only (yikes!) and I’ve had one phone call since June 6th. (That was my mom, calling to check in.) That’s left me with a lot of time on my hands. Time I’ve spent traveling back roads of Ireland and Scotland, time I’ve spent taking walks with DG and AC, time to think. And I haven’t had time to think in a long while.

Most of you know that I’ve been pretty stinkin’ busy the last seven months or so. I’ve run from pillar to post, out of the frying pan into to fire then into the spilled milk. I didn’t realize how busy I was until I left the to-do lists behind. I didn’t know how much noise was in my head until I noticed how quiet it was all of a sudden.

I finally relaxed for the first time in a long time.*

And I really liked it.

So, while I’ve been claiming for a while that I was going to cut back, I hereby state, in public, for the official record, that PC is no longer responsible for the Universe. I’m committed to a couple of things that I’ll see through until they are finished, but I’m practicing saying NO and delegating responsibility (ask Instigator and Smarty Pants about what happens when PC delegates).

I can’t promise that I won’t get really busy again; after all, I still have to run my corner of the world. But I can’t go back to the frazzle-fest that was my life until recently.

So I owe my baby B-I-L and new S-I-L a word of thanks. Granted, getting to their wedding contributed a bit to my craziness, but coming to their wedding has done me a world of good. Here’s wishing Heather and Jono a wonderful HEA.

And here’s wishing me a less stressed HEA as well...

Anyone else have to learn to say no? How’d you do it?

Problem Child

* Well, at least until DG took AC to the top of some very big rocks during some pretty gusty winds...THAT was tense.


Smarty Pants said...

Congrats on finding your "No" and a little inner peace. I guess you won't need the super cute magnetic notepad I bought you in Alaska since you won't need to make lists anymore. :)

I've never had a problem saying no, but I do have trouble standing around and watching things go awry when I know I can step in and stop it all.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time, SP. Congratulations on getting a little peace and appreciating the silence.

As for saying no, it took me a while to master this as well, but I have learned to ignore the damning silence following the request for help and simply *not* cave in. After you've let a couple of things slide, then saying no gets easier. Your time is precious.

Instigator said...

Um, no? You mean like I told you :-)
Considering that every time I open my big mouth and say yes I end up in trouble you'd think I'd learn to shut it wouldn't you? And I do - with people that don't matter. It's the ones that do I have a hard time saying no to.

PC, I'm really glad you've found your no though! You deserve a chance to relax and enjoy yourself. Life is too short to spend it caught up in frenetic chaos.

Enjoy the peace and quiet :-) And the Highland Games


Angel said...

Haven't you ever heard the saying, "If you want something done, ask the busiest person around you?"

And it is true. Usually the busiest person is just adding another thing to their plate, while the person who has learned to say no isn't stressed and harried all the time.

I can't honestly say I've found my no to everything, but I'm trying to do it. One thing at a time. Counselor Shelley has me practicing. I plan my little speech ahead of time. And most of the time it goes off without undue bloodshed.

Yesterday I got my pages written early and to celebrate I started reading a book. Needless to say I didn't get anything else done and today haven't accomplished anything. I've felt very guilty about that. But you know what, despite reading until very late, I don't feel that tired. Of course, I would really love to continue vegging. I think that is one thing that keeps me from slowing down. I tend to not do anything by half measures, so I guess I'm a little afraid that if I stop I won't get started again.

I know. Totally lazy. :)


Problem Child said...

Nothing like you guys are accomplishing, but I got 11 pages written today...chapter one is done!


Playground Monitor said...

I learned a long time ago and also learned not to feel guilty about it. It took a while, but it's not as if I was a total slug and didn't do anything for anybody. So I said I couldn't be homeroom mother. I frequently volunteered to chaperone field trips. I said no to teacing a Sunday School class full time but said I'd substitute from time to time if needed. Of course there were some things that warranted a just plain "no and that's the end of it."

You contribute a lot in many arenas so don't feel bad because you say no to some things. You're saying no to be a better you. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

Have fun on the rest of your trip and we expect a full trip report and photos when you get back. Of course I'm leaving the day after you get back so I guess I'll see/hear at the next HOD meeting. *g*