Thursday, June 08, 2006

12 Step Program

After a serious intervention from my husband I've decided I need a 12 step program.

Hello, my name is Instigator and I am addicted to email.

Clicking on that send/receive button is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before I go to bed each night. And in between...I probably check my email every 10 minutes. I know, it's a sickness. I think perhaps it stems from my need to belong - something I never quite managed in high school (although I'm not certain anyone really feels like they belong during those teenage years). I hate the idea that I've missed something.

And wouldn't you know it I was right! Friday, for the first day in probably months, I was completely out of touch. I checked my email at 7 AM and didn't have a chance again until midnight (which I promptly did upon walking in the door, despite how tired I was). And wouldn't you know it, my fears were justified! I missed one of the most important moments - my critique partner got the call.

And yet my husband still feels I have a problem. I don't understand. So I like to be connected. So I'm a bit dependent on the playfriends. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that!! I've found 4 wonderful friends who share my love of writing. I check my email because I don't want to let them down if they need me. Yeah. Right.

The fact that 2 of our own are off gallivanting the world right now and email has slowed down (not stopped just slowed) is driving me insane. My brain tells me I'm not missing anything, but my itchy mouse finger says I am. So please, fill in the co-dependent hole in my life :-) Post a comment on the blog and make me feel like there are other people in the universe that get it. Share your guilty pleasure. What are you addicted to?


Angel and I (and Problem Child and Smarty Pants when they return) have started a writing challenge among ourselves. We're trying to write an entire rough draft in 6 weeks. We began on Sunday. Every week I'm going to post my progress to the blog. That way the results are public. Hopefully, this'll keep me from cheating.

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Playground Monitor said...

My name is The Playground Monitor and I'm an internet and email junkie.

Can I join your 12-step program? *g*

At least every once in a while I get a research job that pays me to surf the net. What fun!


Linda Winstead Jones said...

I think we already have the makings of our own suport group right here. I check my e-mail much too often. I know that, and yet I continue to check more than anyone could rightfully need to. First thing in the morning, as soon as the coffee's started, and before I go to bed. Just in case.

I don't spend a lot of time online, actually. I putter around on the internet in the morning, and that's usually about it. E-mail is another story. :-)


Kathy said...

I'm hooked, too. I was taking two writing courses at the same time and while I didn't always get to the lessons like I should have, the e-mails that filled my inbox helped me feel linked to the outside world. Now sadly, the classes are over and once again I feel disassociated. If it wasn't for the loops discussing Atlanta, I don't know what I'd do. LOL. Guess I'll find out after July.

Accountability is a good thing. Keep up the good work, Instigator and Angel.


Angel said...

Yep. Another email junkie right here. And I'd like to say that it is the Playfriend's fault, but I checked my email pretty often even when no one important was emailing me. :) Now I'm just twice as bad. Okay, three times as bad.

My other guilty pleasure? Daydreaming (which is also common to writers). I used to feel really guilty about this, especially growing up. Now I can indulge and just call it "creating".