Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ain't She Sweet?

It's my grandmotherly prerogative to brag. So here are a few more photos of BG (Beautiful Granddaughter).

Not enjoying her first bath in the delivery room

With her Papa

BG and her Grammy

BG and Mommy snuggling. Daddy's in the background.

24 hours old.

Think there's any family resemblance? This is her daddy when he was one week old.

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Jennifer Y. said...

Love the pics...we have been trying to figure out who my new neice looks like too. We have compared pics to those of her sister and parents. My sister had her at Northside hospital and they have this neat thing where the baby pic can be posted online for others to view. My grandmother and other relatives who haven't gotten to see Megan in person have been able to view her photo online. I think other hospitals do it too.