Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another simple pleasure

My uncle sent me this photo today. This is the Red Pig Barbecue restaurant in Concord, North Carolina. Or it WAS the Red Pig because it was demolished to make room for progress. This hole-in-the-wall was just a few blocks from my maternal grandparents' house. Several barbecue places in Concord claimed the name "Red Pig" through the years, but this was the original.

North Carolina is known for its barbecue. None of that sickly sweet red sauce. No sir! Not at the Red Pig. My mouth waters just thinking about the seasoned pork, the bun and the slaw.

Did you have a favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant growing up? Do you have one now?


Smarty Pants said...

When I was growing up in Tucson there was this restaurant chain called Lucky Wishbone. They had maybe three stores in town, each pretty much holes in a mini-mall with an order counter and some old school chairs with the attached desks to sit in to wait for your food.

They specialized in fried chicken, but that's never what we'd order. We'd get a couple family meals - one with steak fingers, one with fried shrimp and one with fried chicken livers. They all came with fries and garlic toast. If you think a five year old won't eat chicken livers - you need to go to Tucson. Lord help me, sometimes I crave that place so badly its painful.

But a hole in the wall it was - straight from the 70s with a menu that never changed. They're still open today. If you ever hit Tucson, you HAVE to eat there.


Smarty Pants said...

Well hot damn...they've moved up in the world. :)

Six locations to serve you!


Tim Sanford said...

I ate here with my dad and uncle many times. My dad worked here as a teenager and learned to 'chop q' at this establishment. Simply good BBQ.