Friday, June 30, 2006


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(That's a "happily ever after in real life" for those of you that are internet lingo challenged.)

We’re all here because we love romance, right? It’s all about the HEA, riding off into the sunset and as in so many of the books, finding the heroine happily married and pregnant in the epilogue.

I’m blogging from Oregon today as I help my best friend start off on her own HEA. I’ve known her since I was ten years old. I’ve known her longer than anyone else that wasn’t related to me in some way. Despite ending up at different high schools, in different social cliques (she was a track star, I was a computer geek), going to college in different states, and not even seeing each other for almost six years, we still consider each other best friends. Why? Because I can pick up the phone at any time and hear her cheerful voice, always happy to talk to me, yet the conversation is familiar, as though we’d just been to lunch together that afternoon. I’ve never even MET her fiancé, but that’s not a problem. She loves him, I love him. Simple as that. If he ever does anything to hurt her, I'll hunt him down and...well...let's just leave it at the good stuff, shall we? :)

Only she could convince me to fly cross country on a holiday weekend and shell out the cash that requires. Only she could get me to wear a LIME green maid of honor dress with a smile. Only she could get me to seek out the nicest gift on the wedding registry and buy it without flinching. She ranks.

So, off I go. I’m probably nursing a hang over at the moment from last night’s bachelorette revelry. I’m hoping by the time you read this that I might have scribbled out a couple pages of DD in my notebook. As it stands when I left Wednesday, we were doing pretty well – pushing 50% completed. Not bad for two weeks work, even if I am taking a couple days hiatus.

Hope your 4th of July weekend finds you well. Enjoy the holiday. Don’t mix alcohol and explosives or eat the potato salad that sat out four hours unless you want to spend your evening in the ER.


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Problem Child said...

LIme green? Friends can be great sometimes... :-)

We write romance, so we focus a lot on what gets the couple to the I Do part, whereas we all know that it's really just the beginning. Making a HEA IRL is hard work--fun, wonderful, etc, but still hard. It's an adventure!

Best wishes to your best friend!

Angel said...

You know, I can remember planning my own wedding, 11 years ago this July. I remember that I wanted it to be beautiful, but simple. The reason: the wedding was exciting, but it was the marriage that I was more focused on. My husband and I have talked a lot through the years about what makes a marriage last. The most important thing: the determination of both the husband and wife to make it work no matter what.

I'm going to tell a story on my husband (shh, don't tattle!):
Recently my daughter was asking us what we had wanted to be when we grew up. I told her a Mommy, because my Mother said that's what I would tell her. When she asked my husband, he said, "All I knew is that I wanted to grow up, get married, and have a family."

Isn't that the sweetest thing?


Playground Monitor said...

This time last year I was planning the rehearsal dinner for my son's wedding and now I'm a Grammy. Time flies, doesn't it?

You're a terrific friend, SP. We are all blessed to know you.


Instigator said...

Good Luck and Many Blessings to the couple :-)

HEA is something I'll be thinking about myself. DH and I celebrate 8 years on Monday. It seems like just yesterday I was picking out the dress and torturing my own bridesmaids. I wouldn't trade a second of my time with him! It hasn't always been easy but it's certainly been worth it.