Friday, June 02, 2006

A Playdate

The Playfriends are off on a playdate with the Mavens today. We're looking forward to a day filled with good food, good company and perhaps, some good shopping if there's time left. (We are all still deciding what to wear to RITA night, of course.) We're taking the opportunity to get together because over the next month, some of us will be scarce. The Problem Child is disappearing to the UK to raise havoc over there for a couple weeks. I am heading to Alaska Sunday, then to Portland a over 4th of July weekend for a wedding. PM's GrandBaby2B is arriving soon, so there will be much hullabaloo for that as well.

We discussed at our last get together what we were going to do when we're on our various vacations. We thoroughly plan our schedules in advance to there's no hole in the blogging schedule, etc. There's few things SP hates more than an outdated website. What's the point?? Anyway, I addition, we moaned about how lonely it would be when one of us is gone. Recently, both PC and Angel were gone for a week, leaving our inboxes emptier than usual. PM has been in and out with various trips. Various illnesses have struck was kinda quiet. Made me a little sad. Some people band together to do promotional stuff on a professional level without really being friends. Several people have commented to us about how fun we all seem and how well we all get along. It's true. We are very much friends and develop slight cases of withdrawl when we don't get together enough. Yes, we've spoken to Counselor Shelley about it and she assured us that we are still in the mentally healthy zone - no co-dependency yet, despite our matching t-shirts. :)

Just because we're gone today doesn't mean you can forget about us, though! We have some great new stuff up on the Playground for this month that you should check out. If you haven't already entered to win Angel's basket - do it now! Great stuff in there, plus she designs the best baskets ever. Jump in on the blog conversations to keep us active as we stroll in and out of town. Today is also a good day to check out your June horoscope. Report back with your news for the next month!

Ok - here's a question to get everyone started - the Playfriends each have a locker with their BT du jour. We recently swapped out for some new eye candy if you haven't looked recently. What hunk would you have pinned up in your locker??



Linda Winstead Jones said...


Ok, with that out of my system, Instigator's locker is very interesting . . .

LJ -- Ready (almost) for a playdate! :-)

Smarty Pants said...

I know...I would have just left him there forever, but everyone else was changing. Michael Vartan is totally cute, though! He was adorable in Never Been Kissed...


Anonymous said...

Yes I must agree Instigators locker is very interesting!! I could think of several reasons to climb into that locker ;)

I think my locker would have to have Jerry O'Connell!!

Kathy said...

My locker would have Gerard Butler inside it, with or without a Phantom mask. :-)

Have fun, guys.


Problem Child said...

And by the way, I'm going to be very sedate--no havoc this time!