Thursday, June 22, 2006

And They're Off

This weekend starts the beginning of a frenetic pace I lovingly refer to as July. Each year I look at my red covered calendar and wonder how I could have lost such complete control of my life - and made several bad decisions. You see, the only one I can blame for the idiotic pace of this month is myself.

This Sunday my Baby Girl turns two (Happy Birthday, Angel! Mommy Loves You!). Quickly following that is my eight year anniversary (which seems crazy to me. I swear I was just picking out my wedding dress last week). The week after that I turn 30 (which my sister felt the need to point out to me in a sickeningly sweet email. Like I could forget.). Sweet Pea turns five on the 25th - my Baby starts kindergarten this year. Yikes!

My sister is due to deliver my nephew sometime in those weeks (my other Nephew will also turn 2 only days before Sweet Pea). And somewhere in between the birthday celebrations, crying jags because I'm no longer a twenty-something and jubilation over a new family member to love I have to prepare for nationals. And finish this rough draft I signed on for.

I suppose it could be a good thing my family seems to delight in packing every ounce of celebration into one month during the year - at least we don't drag it out. I could have said no to the challenge - maybe should have - but I really, really, really need to get this rough draft finished before we head to Atlanta.

So here I am, with my head about ready to explode with GMC, scene ideas, birthday party preparations, packing lists (yes, I have one :-) - oh and did I mention that I'm running the contest for the playground in July and August? It's going to be a great one (if you haven't already signed up for Angel's A Night of Suspense contest do it now -----> the link is on the sidebar of the blog).

What's my point? :-) I indulged myself tonight. I played at work today (writing and getting caught up on some mundane things that needed to get done). I watched TV (I'm addicted to So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother). And I swam. We bought the girls a pool for their birthdays.

We've been in it every night after dinner since DH put it up a couple weeks ago. We all enjoy it. But what I love the most is that all of us, all four of us, seem to slow down for those 30 or 40 minutes each evening. We play, joke, and splash each other. And really cherish the company. I'll be honest and say that our lives are scheduled (not in the PC sense :-) to within an inch of our lives - they have to be. I hadn't realized how often I let other things - duties, responsibilities, even the dream of my writing - come between spending quality time with my family.

This year I'm going to work hard on not letting July take over my life like it usually does. There's plenty of time for the things that need to get done but I only have this one year for my girls to be 5 and 2.


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Problem Child said...

LIsts are very helpful--make several :-)

I'm just glad it's your calendar that looks like that...mine was like that for far too long.

I love So You Think You Can Dance as well...I have the TiVo set to get all of them and will have a marathon when I get home.

And very impressive word count going...

(Guess I should get back to work)

Angel said...

I know how you feel, even though we don't have quite as much going on in July as y'all.

Last night I got this itch to take Drama Queen to the movies. She loves to go and I rarely take her because Little Man is scared of loud noises, so going requires a baby sitter. Now, the Playfriends will tell you I'm not the spontaneous type. I plan things out in minute detail. But for some reason last night, as soon as my husband came home and we ate dinner, I piled her up and we went to see Cars.

We had a great time and stayed out way past her bedtime. But it was worth it to hear her say, "Mommy, I'm so excited about spending this time just with you."

Doesn't that just melt a Mommy's heart?


Playground Monitor said...

My calendar didn't look so full until I decided on this last-minute trip to my sister's house. But it will be a relaxing visit -- plenty of beach time and if we're lucky, we can see the shuttle launch from the beach on July 1st.

I'm making a packing list for the trip as we speak. And I'm starting one for Atlanta, which is getting very, very close!

Going to see my granddaughter tonight! Yay! I'm going to take lots of photos and bore you to tears with them. *g*


Smarty Pants said...

July is absolutely cram packed. On the 28th, I fly to Portland for a wedding. I get back the 3rd. Then 4th of July goings on before I'm back to work. Then HOD that Saturday. (I cancelled the Lasik appointment I had.)

Two business trips next, getting me back to work just in time to leave for Atlanta. Sigh. Why did I pick THESE 6 weeks for my writing challenge?


Kelley said...

Wow. Busy month. My DH has such a huge family it feels like we are celebrating at least one birthday per month. It might be nice to get it all done in one month. I dont know, makes for a long month. Hopfully you will have a good time.

Angel said...

Well, y'all should have our 4th of July! It is the biggest day of the year for barbeque businesses. Our whole family works. I even drag the kids down there around 7am, but my husband will have been down there probably overnight. (He owns a barbeque restaurant).

Luckily, the next day we get to leave for a few nights together, just us. I can't wait.

Kelley, my husband's family is the same way. I think they only have 2 months that have no birthdays. Luckily, unless it is one of the kids, we have 1 family dinner per month to celebrate them all.


Anonymous said...

Instigator turning thirty isn't that bad! What is bad is when your beloved children begin making comments like "What do people your age do for fun" or "When I'm as old as you are".
My advice to you is enjoy turning thirty because you are only as old as you feel.