Thursday, June 29, 2006

Discipline - or lack there of

I know I've discussed my jacked up process before. Probably not in detail - at least I can't remember doing it. Suffice it to say that I write out of order, skip entire scenes and chapters with the express intention of filling them in later, and generally write in chaos. I know, surprising :-) Organizational skills are not my shining glory (I turn to PC when I need help with that! Speaking of which, do you have that packing list for nationals?)

Anyway, during this 6 week challenge I've undertaken with Angel, SP, and PC, I not only asked myself to complete a rough draft within 6 weeks (which shouldn't be that difficult for me as long as I maintain my schedule), but also to write in order (the true challenge). Making myself write this way is going to shave time, heartache, and headache from my editing process. I did this for my first two books, and then somehow my need to jump around took over my intelligent realization that I was only making things more difficult on myself.

So far, I've managed to stick to linear creativity. But it hasn't been easy. Little flashes of later scenes keep jumping into my mind (especially if I'm stuck with something that comes before). What's good about this though is that each time a specific scene appears in my imagination, a little more detail is added. So that ending scene where my hero and heroine meet after he's devastated her for the second time is getting stronger and richer. Hopefully, by the time I get to that point the scene will simply flow from my fingertips almost fully formed.

Until them, I'm trying to fight it down and let it build.

What part of the creative process do you struggle with? First drafts? GMC? Editing? Building 3 dimensional characters?


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Rhonda said...

The first three chapters are killer for me. I can write the rest of the book in the time it takes me to get those first three the way that I want them.

Playground Monitor said...

Try option e: All of the above. While I love to write, every aspect of it is a struggle for me. Funny I should try to pursue this, huh? But it stretches me, makes me work. Not to mention all the wonderful people I've met. If I never wrote another word, I'd stay involved in the writing world somehow just for the people.

Angel said...

That first draft is hardest for me, or always has been before. I'm finding with this challenge that I'm moving forward much quicker because I'm forced to keep writing, rather than putting it on the back burner because it gets hard at the same time that life gets tough. :)

Other than that, I think the next hardest for me is the guessing game that comes with submitting. Should I send it here or there? This editor or that one? What does this letter mean? What do these guidelines really mean? They want what? Especially when you are dealing with a big company like Harlequin, the options and details can become overwhelming.


Kathy said...

Telling myself it's okay to dump a few obligations and write, write, write! Then trying to get back into the groove when life intervenes and your characters are tapping their feet and looking at you with raised eyebrows saying, "Get on with it!" Oh, the sagging middle perplexes.


Problem Child said...

Yikes---I'm so far behind, it's not even funny. I had this crazy idea that I'd swan back into town and just write a book.


Hmmm...laundry, no food, bills to pay, house to clean, work to catch up on (the kind that actually pays...).

Sigh. I may never get this book done.


Angel said...

Yes you will, PC. Just one page at a time.
But you've been gone for quite a while. Give yourself a few days (or a week) to get caught up before you start expecting yourself to spit out the pages, okay?


PS My word identification is HEEED, so heed my advice and give yourself a break! :)