Saturday, February 25, 2006

Your turn to be in charge...

All the Playfriends are occupied elsewhere all day Saturday. PM is headed off to see #2 son, and the rest of the Children are headed to a meeting. (Ha! All the hubbies are on child care duty all day. We're off on an adventure that will involve several Bellini's before it's over. We could probably embarrass that poor bookstore clerk again--if they don't bar the door when they see us coming!)

So, faithful friends, I leave the blog in your hands today.

Recently, one of the loops I'm on did an interesting experiement. Each person was asked to answer the question "Why do you write?" in one or two sentences. I'm interested to hear your responses.

So click on the comments link and let us know "Why do you write?" I can't wait to come home and see your answers.

I'll even coordinate with the Playfriends in our Bellini-induced giddiness to pick our favorite reason, and I'll send a suprise to the winner.

Don't let me down!


**The good-looking guy has nothing to do with this post (other than make it visually interesting). Ya'll seem to respond well to certain kinds of stimuli. :-)


Anonymous said...

I write because I have the characters and scenes going in my head most all the time and I have to get them out one way or another.

Instigator said...

PC, I want to know where you've been hiding him! He's yummy with a spoon.


Problem Child said...

Instigator, get off the computer and get dressed. We're headed your way to get you!


Jennifer Y. said...
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Jennifer Y. said...

I am not really a writer. I am just a plain ol' reader who enjoys your site tremendously, but thanks for the eye candy! LOL!

Who knows? Maybe reading your blog will inspire me to write down all these stories playing in my head and become a writer.

Wishing you all the best! Have a great day everyone! I can't wait to see people's answers!

Anonymous said...

Writing eases loneliness.

Characters like friends come to dine with you, whine with you, steer you away from the mundane existance that most assuredly awaits in the laundry room, when the kids are off to school or when they leave home.

As a reader I found safe haven in stories, glorious transportation to parts unknown. As a writer I hope to carry someone else to that place I found, a place where cares are cast aside and the thrill of lasting love can be found.


Angel said...

I write because it justifies my ability to spend hours lost in my own mind, changing and retelling the stories that before were only there for my own amusement.

As a teenager, I was horribly embarrassed by my desire to lock myself in my room and just think. I would imagine different situations, people, emotions, think up different stories for characters from books that I'd loved. Later I learned this is not only a common trait in writers, but completely normal. :)

I think I also agree with Kathy's reasons. It is a relief from the mundane chores involved in daily living. Probably because housework and cooking are things that bore me to tears. Writing, though hard, is filled with emotion and action. Not to mention the satisfaction of one well-written page.

Now hand over the spoon! This guy certainly is yummy! But you guys have got to stop posting the eye candy or my husband is going to start questioning what kind of blog we're running here! :)


Jennifer Y. said...

OMG...I do that too Angel and always have...the imagining different situations, people, emotions and thinking up different stories for characters from books, tv, and movies. I change the storylines around or create new ones. Sometimes even now I daydream about my own stories and characters. Thanks for letting me know that others do it too and that it is normal!

Maybe one day I'll get the courage to write them down. Right now, I think it is the fear that it won't make sense to anyone but me and the fear of failure that keep me from trying. Plus I wouldn't even know where to start. LOL.

I may not be able to answer why I write (because I don't yet), but I can answer why I read. Books were my friends growing up and still are. By reading I can escape the real world and I am usually guaranteed a happily ever after (one reason I read a lot of romance). I can experience new and exciting things and places through a book.

Oh, and if you want to keep posting the hot guys that is fine by me!! LOL! I'll visit anyway though!