Monday, February 13, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

This is Random Acts of Kindness week (really).

Normally I object to approaching things randomly. Get a plan, a schedule, an agenda--at the very least, get a To-Do list. Heck, I'll help you make it. But I can't object to something that requires someone to do something nice for someone else. Even if it is random.

Be kind to each other. Maybe enough random acts will rub off and we'll all be kinder to each other consistently.

Just a (random) thought.

Problem Child

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Smarty Pants said...

I did something like this in college - something to do with Oprah, I think. Like a chainletter of good deads. I think I baked cookies for people in my dorm and left it for them with happy notes. That sounds like a nice thing to do. I'm not good at random, so I'll have to plan out my acts of kindness. :)