Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random Acts of Kindness

I'm going to apologize in advance to PM for bumping her blog a bit early tonight. Both Sweet Pea and Baby Girl are fighting something that's keeping them awake at night. They're asleep and I'm exhausted so I'm going to get while the gettings good :-)

I couldn't help but notice that PM's fireman post over the weekend garnered much interest :-) And as a red-blooded female I can't say as I blame anyone. I really wanted to post a hot man on my own blog - because do we really need an excuse to look at a hot man? So keep reading to find out how I'm going to tie this all in :-)

I have to say that aside from lingering illness at my house I'm pretty excited these days. My sister is moving home this weekend. She and I were very close growing up. We are thirteen months apart and shared the same friends, drove the same car, participated in the same activities in school growing up. About the only thing we didn't do was go away to college together. She left home and I stayed behind. I can't say as I regret my decision, I met my husband, fell in love, got married and had my girls. I wouldn't change my path for anything. But I am absolutely thrilled that after ten years away she's moving home and bringing my brother-in-law, nephew and another little one on the way with her. Things are going to be crazy for a few months while they settle in but I hope it will be worth it for her and her family. I know I'm looking forward to having her home.

Considering that, I'm in a giving, sharing mood :-) I have some books I've been saving for a special occasion and I think this is an excellent excuse to make someone else's day as happy as mine. I've got 3 Blazes and 1 Temptation (excellent reads by Rhonda Nelson, Cindi Myers, and Debbi Rawlins) that I'm going to give away. Tell me which playfriend's locker this yummy guy resides in and I'll put your name in the hat for the drawing. email with your answer by 10 PM Central time today (Thursday). I'll draw the winner shortly thereafter. Good Luck! And enjoy the eyecandy :-)



Jennifer Y. said...

Aww...I hope Sweet Pea and Baby Girl feel better!!! Hugs!

Thanks for the opportunity to look at a hot guy and to win. I think I need to hang out in your locker room a bit more. LOL!!!

I sent in my entry and hope it gets there safely. LOL.

Playground Monitor said...

Poor babies. And poor mommy too. Hope you all get some good sleep soon.

And drooooooooool. I just loved him in "The Mummy."

Angel said...

Oh, Instigator, you've made my day!

Hope everyone feels better soon. And congratulations on your sister moving home. I'll be in the same boat this summer when my twin sister moves back to Alabama with her family.


Instigator said...

Thanks Guys! A good nights sleep did wonders for my outlook. I even got a couple pages written last night before I collapsed at about 9. Pretty proud of myself for that. Of course, I'll probably have to redo every word :-)

PM, noticed you're on a SEP kick. I absolutely love her books. And she's a wonderful person too. Always a winning combination in my book.


Jennifer Y. said...

I just bought my first SEP books today after hearing so many good things about them from different people.

Problem Child said...

Amazing Child has something nasty too. I just had to go get her from a sleepover at Mom's and bring her home.

At least she did the puking over there instead of here.

Hope yours feel better soon.


Playground Monitor said...

Amazing Child is sick??? And I sat next to her at lunch???

Seriously, another "poor baby" going out to her and you. She was so excited about sleeping over at Grammy's house and I hate that got messed up for her.

Hope everybody recovers soon.

As for SEP -- I was looking for a new book to read and saw the copy of "Ain't She Sweet" that I got in Reno last summer and decided to try it. I could not put it down. Then in the back of that I saw the blurb for "Nobody's Baby But Mine" and found it quite intriguing -- a brilliant woman who was ostracized as a child doesn't want a child of hers to suffer the same fate, so she wants to find a stupid man to father her child. Interesting, huh? I'm only a few chapters in but so far, so good. Great humor!