Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day Late and a Dollar Short

Once again I'm behind the curve. I missed sharing my survivor moment (I don't know y'all, I might do a lot for a million dollars. Plenty of writing time if I don't have to work and Dear Husband can watch the kids for me cause he isn't working. Might even be worth choking down a spider or two. I draw the line at raw fish though.) Just when I think I've gotten my life back on track something else pops up to offer another distraction.

Although, I'm very proud of myself. I appear to be over the nasty hump in my book that was killing me. Even with all the 'periferal' stuff I managed to write about 6 pages last night. Which up until a couple months ago was my normal writing day. It feels so good to finally be back on track. And to end the night with the feeling that I know what I'm going to be picking up with tomorrow. In fact, I've started carrying my Alphie with me everywhere I go so that I can pound out a page or two here and there. I'd stopped doing that because all I was getting were slightly bigger muscles from lugging it and baby gear around.

It feels so good to finally be into this story again. It's almost as amazing as the first brainstorming session, the phone call from an editor (not THE call but...), and the contest placements. That stuff is secondary to a story that's flowing well, characters who are behaving, and the feeling that it's finally all falling into place cause without the story none of the rest of it matters. But I've got it now. And am so excited about this story again. It's going to be great!

What's your best writing moment?



Angel said...

I'm so excited for you! Congratulations on the book flowing again. And I agree-those other accomplishments are exciting, but have a story that just pours onto the page is the best feeling in the world-satisfying, exciting, and kind of tingly. Wonderful.

Enjoy it and go with that flow!

Smarty Pants said...

My best moment thus far was the moment I wrote the words "THE END" for the very first time on a read, honest to God manuscript. 309 pages, baby! I get all tingly every time I get to do that. Wish I did it a little more...


Playground Monitor said...

I think my greatest writing moment is yet to come. I've had some good ones, but the greatest... Nah. It's still out there waiting for me.

Congrats on getting back in the flow. I'd sure love to have an Alphie, but can't convince the DH that it's better than a laptop for the purposes of writing.