Monday, February 13, 2006

Everything Is Gonna Be Okay

Before I get to my post, I have a little administration information: For our regular visitors, don't panic! Problem Child has moved to Tuesdays. Yes, she was nice enough to swap days with me because I had a scheduling conflict. So tune in tomorrow to see what new trouble she's stirring up. Until then, you're stuck with me. Hahahahaha! :)

Saturday, the snow held off long enough to allow The Children to attend our monthly brainstorming group and RWA meeting. I spent some time talking with other authors about my current concerns with the line I'm targeting and whether I should shift my focus elsewhere. This problem has nagged me since my rejection and is beginning to take over my brain more than I'd like it to.

I received some wonderful advice, most of it revolving around listening to my heart and doing what I feel is right for my writing. Kind of like the intuition you must develop during the critique process. Sometimes the constructive criticism offered doesn't strike a cord within you, but sometimes the words resonate deep in your psyche. You just know they are something you should take to heart, whether or not making the changes would be easy.

I pondered everything that had been discussed on my solitary, hour-long drive home. As I again tried to come to a decision, five words came to mind, repeating themselves over and over until I couldn't fail to get the message. They are words made famous by some author or another, and have become the refrain of our Maven Linda Winstead Jones. Even though the words are her version of a kick in the backside, we love her for it.

Just Write the D*mn Book!

Do I know if the new direction of my chosen line is right for me? No. Do I have more research to do? Yes. Do I know where I'll submit when the revisions are made? Not yet. But I will eventually.

Until then, I've got to write the d*mn book. I can't submit something that isn't written. And I can't write if I continue to obsess over this quandry. I'll just have to fly by the seat of my pants until I come to a decision that resonates within my heart. (I know the Playfriends are gasping in shock at the moment. As you can guess by my personality, I'm the plotter in this group. Obsessive doesn't begin to cover it.)

I think this is what writing the book of my heart means. I may make some changes if an editor requests them, but the core of the book has to be me. My voice. My ideas. My style combined with reader expectation. That I can live with. Which means I don't have to know where the book is going right this minute.

And that's okay.



Instigator said...

Angel, there is a place for your book! You are too talented for there not to be. Listen to the voice in your head. It sounds pretty wise to me :-).


Problem Child said...

I think this is what Shelley would call a major breakthrough!

Just write it. Everything else will fall into place.

Playground Monitor said...

I need to follow your lead and take that 5-word bit of wisdom too. I think if we listened to our hearts, we'd find they were pretty wise.

Maven Linda Winstead Jones said...

Ah, tough love. :-)

Sounds to me like you're on the right track.


Counselor Shelley said...

Amen! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Our bodies have the amazing ability to pick-up on & warehouse information our conscious mind often overlooks. Usually, where we go wrong is not listening to our gut because we don't like, or are afraid of what it is telling us. I suspect you are afraid that your gut is going to tell you to do something that will open you up to more rejection. Listen to the gut, in my experience, it is rarely wrong.
I hope you don't mind the head shrinking. I have a problem turning it off.

Angel said...

Are you kidding? Head shrink away! Besides, it always helps to know when you're on the right track, a healthier track.

Thanks, ladies!