Friday, February 03, 2006

Swami Says...

So...I'm digging my new logo. I still love my bespeckled alter ego, but this icon does have a sophistication to it I enjoy. I can't wait to get it on a t-shirt!

Normally, I start planning my blog early, but the avalanche of work at my day job cut into my planning time. The nerve. So, here I am, at my computer and at a loss of what to write about.

Ok - here we go, I'll broach a subject that may be considered a little controversial or touchy for some people - horoscopes. What did you think I was going to say? Well, I admit that I am one of those people that seek out the "Taurus" heading in any newspaper or magazine I read.

What do you mean you should have known? Yeah, so I'm a textbook Taurus. Stubborn, moody, territorial. Moving on.

I have a couple that I read online pretty regularly. Would I stay inside all day if my horoscope told me I would be struck by lighting if I went out? No. Do I plan my life around the words I read? No, I don't do that either. I do it for fun, to see what it has to say and chuckle at the parallels it might actually have to my life. It's like a fortune cookie without the calories.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I read a site that posts monthly horoscopes and I popped in today to see what February has in store for me. I have high hopes for February (with no real reason to) but the words on that page reaffirmed my hopes for this being a good month for me. I couldn't have asked for a better horoscope and believe me, I've had some bad and good ones. It said that this month would be great for my career - that the roadblocks that had been holding me back were lifting and I could charge ahead. Boy, that's something I really want to hear.

Does it mean that my career will take off? Not necessarily. Its pretty hard to believe that EVERY Taurus on the planet is going to have a major career boon in February, but it's the hope that urges me on.

Daily, I come across a dozen things that could make a person turn from their dream. As we've discussed, life and work sometimes get in the way. Writing is not an easy road and there's plenty to distract you. You get rejected. You get bad reviews. You get a spouse that doesn't understand or support your dream. Any of these things can make a person put the writing dream back in a drawer and leave it there for good.

Angel commented recently that she was so glad the Playfriends were there to support her when she got her recent R. On her own, she might have given up. Instead, our gentle nudging and words of encouragement got her back on the writing track.

Some people don't have a playground to turn to when their dream seems out of reach. Before I found the playground, it was simple things, like a great horoscope, that gave me the glimmer of hope to keep at it. Whether or not it means anything, a few positive words about the future can get you headed in the right direction - a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

So, I'll stick this month's horoscope in my back pocket as a positive affirmation for this month. I'll take the positivity where I can get it since I'm such a negative ninny.

Where do you go to find the positive little boost to keep you going?


Problem Child said...

A: ARGH! I cannot believe I forgot to go check my horoscope for Feb! Does that tell you how busy I've been recently.

B: Liar, liar, smarty pants on fire. The Playfriends know why you have high hopes for Feb. But we'll keep it to ourselves.

::who is waiting for DG to get her new icon finished::

Playground Monitor said...

I turn to the Playground, other writing friends and my Red Hat ladies for positive energy.

I checked my horoscope after I read this. In a nutshell:

New friends, good news from a child, a career victory or coup, a creative project will come to a conclusion, I'll get an answer to a creative project I've submitted (mailed an article to New York today), I'll develop a new income stream, my neck pain will get better (I've been writing a LOT for the past few days and my neck and shoulders are killing me!) and it mentioned a ROAD TRIP with a sibling or friend between now and mid April. Hey, any one of those things would be a blessing.

I love my new icon! Thanks DG. <3

Instigator said...

I checked my horoscope first thing Wed morning. There's just something about starting off the month in a positive place. and while it doesn't always herald good things I can usually find a ray of sunshine in the information (my and my eternal optimism :-))

And I have high hopes for Feb for you too SP :-) On two fronts?


Smarty Pants said...

Yeah, I know...but its even more exciting to hear it from two different, unrelated sources! :)


Angel said...

Where do I go to find the positive little boost that keeps me going?

You Guys!!!

I told a friend of mine that I was going to take a saying from her and make it mine, because it so wraps up how I am: If my glass were to be half full, I'd drink it down until it was half empty.

Yep, I'm a half-empty kind of gal. Guess it goes with the melodramatic personality. Is that where Drama Girl got it? :)