Sunday, February 05, 2006

Where'd it go?

Am I the only person who saw my Saturday post? I could've sworn I saw it on the blog, but now it seems Blogger ate it.

Hmmm. Where'd it go? This is really, really, creepy.

So, I'll repost the link. I suggested that everyone read Slushkiller for its insights into rejection.

I also shamelessly promoted the first contest again.

So either Blogger took offense or else the Playground Monitor objected to me posting out of turn...

I hate it when stuff like this happens. It creeps me out.

Problem Child


Jennifer Y. said...

I saw it earlier!

Playground Monitor said...

Hey! I wasn't even in town. I was visiting #1 Son and DIL and watching the videotape of the ultrasound of Baby2B. AND, I drove by the Marriott (where RWA will be this summer).

Writing Playground said...

According to TPTB at Blogger, they were experiencing technical difficulties yesterday. I'd be willing to bet your post was a victim of that.

Anonymous said...

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