Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Cast of (not quite) Thousands...

Every good book needs secondary characters to round out the plot. After all, no one goes through their daily lives totally alone. That would be far too easy. Instead, you need significant others, children, bosses, friends, and enemies to make life more complicated and more interesting.

The same goes on this blog.

We tell you about what's happening, and we try to keep it focused on writing, but our lives get in the way. Recently, it came to our attention that our blog visitors aren't as up-to-date on the supporting cast that make our lives so much more interesting.

For those of you who would like a program, here you go.

Playground Monitor: PM is married to Grandpa (for, like, Forever). They have #1 son and #2 son. #1 Son recently brought the Daughter in law (DIL) into the family, and they will welcome Baby2Be in June.

Instigator is married to Darling Husband and mom to Sweet Pea and Baby Girl.

Angel is married to Dear Husband and mom to Drama Queen and Little Man.

Smarty Pants has the Darling Boyfriend at home.

As for me, the Problem Child is married to the Darling Geek, and we have Amazing Child.

Of course, you all know about the Mavens. And, we all have Moms that simply go by the name "Mom."

We'll try to keep the abbrievations to a minimum (this since we had Smarty Pants think a Sweet Pea comment applied to her because of the abbrievation SP)--at least until we know you know who we're talking about.

Until then, feel free to clip this and keep it for future reference. :-)



Playground Monitor said...

Oh yeah, like forever. *g* We've been married longer than any of the other Playfriends have been alive. We'll celebrate 33 years on Cinco de Mayo.

Jennifer Y. said...

Congrats Playground Monitor!

Thanks Problem Child for the "Cast List!" LOL! I have been reading the blog for a couple of months and I had figured out some of these from the posts that I had read. However, I appreciate having it all in one post. :o)