Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Respect the Squeee

Squeee--/noun/ A sound of delight and glee. Usually accompanied by little girl claps (hands held vertically right below the chin; claps are small, rapid, and quiet). Most commonly seen in Playground blog posts and private emails between the Playfriends. Level of delight and glee can be measured by the number of “e’s” on the word, and excessive use of exclamation points is allowed. Can also be used as an intransitive regular verb, to squeee.

Do not mock the squeee. It’s a silly sound, yes, but there is no higher praise on the Playground than to have your news greeted by a round of “squeeee!!!” by the Playfriends. The squeee is reserved for writing-related good news. If you get a new car or your cat wins the beauty show, that will probably warrant you a “yee ha,” or “way to go.” Mention the word editor or agent, and you might get a squeee.

Finalling in or winning a contest will get you a “wooohooo” and a “yippee.” Mention the handwritten comment from the judging editor or the request to see more, and now we’re talking squeee-worthy.

I live for the squeee. I yearn for the squeee. Not only for my own news, but also for the news of the other Playfriends. Nothing gets our blood pumping like a good squeee. Squeees give us energy and momentum in our quest. Squeees are like drugs—you get one, and you want more.

Laugh at the squeee at your own peril. We do not take kindly to those who mock the squeee or take it lightly. So apologies to the hubbies and cats who are frightened or annoyed by the sound of a squeee, but a squeee is music to my ears.

Here on the Playground, we’re always looking for a reason to squeee. Be sure to share your squeee-worthy news with us so we can celebrate with you.

Just warn everyone else to cover their ears…


**Last minute addition. I finalled in the Great Expectations contest. As stated above, this would normally only warrant a "woohoo," but this is my first contest final EVER. I'm taking the squeee, darn it.



Playground Monitor said...

The squeeing is so loud that all the dogs in my neck of the woods are barking. *g*

Congratulations on your first, but definitely not your last, contest final!

Jennifer Y. said...


Angel said...


Congratulations, PC! We're so proud of you. May you have many squee moments in your future.


Instigator said...


I agree with PM, this is definitely not the last time I'll get to see your name on a list of finalists (by the way that made me smile this morning when I opened the email of finalists for GE and saw your name :-)
You deserve this final! You've worked hard and have a wonderful story.


Smarty Pants said...


This post made me snicker. I remember jumping around the house "squeee-ing" when we launched the Playground and both the cats and the DB were looking at me like I'd lost my mind.

I love being able to squeee. I look forward to those moments. Druglike - most definitely.


Anonymous said...


Absolutely, squeee-heaven. Congratulations, PC.

There is a star in the universe squeeing across the sky in celebration of our success.


Anonymous said...

Pardon me, of course, I meant 'your' success! (It seems I got in too big of a hurry to squeeee with you.)

So happy for you,

Problem Child said...

Kathy--when it comes to the squeee and celebrating sucess, we're all in this together.