Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Turkey and cake

About this time every year, I start getting calls from Counselor Shelley with vague-y, "So how was your day? Anything special happen?" comments sprinkled throughout.

This is because even though I've known Shelley for twenty-something years, the girl still can't remember my birthday. Oh, she knows that I'm a month older and that my birthday falls right around Thanksgiving (think of turkeys, think of Kimberly), but never gets the date right.

I've learned to play dumb and string her along until she just has to outright say it. ~grin~

I've told her that she will never earn her BFF merit badge if she doesn't even know when my birthday is. It's not like I've changed it recently or something.

It doesn't hurt my feelings; she has problems remembering everyone's birthdays. (And she's trying hard to forget her own.) Plus, you're looking at the girl who can't remember her anniversary. (Thankfully, it's the same day as Lynn Raye Harris' birthday, so I can get hints!)

I do quite like having my birthday close to Thanksgiving. There's usually a family gathering for Thanksgiving, so it turns into a birthday party, too. It also helps me launch the holiday season, as each year, I give myself permission to eat anything I want between my birthday and New Year's Day, diet be damned.

Do you share a birthday with something or someone, or do you get the event all to yourself? (DG and AC share a birthday with each other, so that's fun. DG likes having princess birthday cakes...)

And have a happy Thanksgiving, y'all!



Playground Monitor said...

I almost share a birthday with my younger son. But he decided he didn't want to share and waited until two days after my birthday to arrive.

LA said...

When you were little, you shared your birthday (just 2 days apart) with your Granddaddy! I always thought that was special!!! I hope you have a special day!

Maven Linda said...

I share a birthday with a nephew, but he lives in another state, so we've never shared celebrations. I don't do birthdays, anyway. I told hubby when we got married that he'd lucked out, because I don't care about birthdays, or Valentine's Day.

Smarty Pants said...

I have that problem with all our birthdays because we celebrate them at the HOD meeting regardless of when they actually are. Except this month where we completely blew it off. Sorry. This has been a bad year for birthdays all around with tornadoes and slow shipping from the UK.

My great-grandpa, grandma and uncle are born May 28-31st and I never know who is what day. I shared a birthday with my cousin, but sh was 20 ys older and lived in Chicago, so it didn't impact much.

Angel said...

As a twin, I of course share my birthday with my sister, but I also share it with a much younger cousin and 2 relatives on my husband's side. Family birthday celebrations are never just about me. :(

But I can't complain too much, because the hubby has to share his birthday with Jesus. LOL I've seen pictures from when he was a kid where he had poinsettias on his birthday cake.

catslady said...

I was never thrilled with my end of November birthday. It got lost in Thanksgiving (who wants cake, it's pumpkin pies lol), and Christmas is just around the corner. I actually never celebrated last years because of postponing so many times lol. I told everyone I am therefore a year younger since it was never celebrated. Maybe I'll try that again this year lol.

Cheryl C. said...

I used to share a birthday with a dear friend. Mine is near Christmas and I HATE IT! Thankfully I have gotten older and don't want to remember those birthdays any more.