Tuesday, November 01, 2011


That hashtag above is my Geek's equivalent to a sarcastic "how horrible for you." Just goes to show you how much of a Geek he is, using Twitter lingo in casual conversation...

I was complaining that the downside to a mini versus an iPad was that an iPad turned on instantly, whereas a mini took a while to warm up, find the internet, etc, and how much of a pain that was. DG's response was "#firstworldproblems"

Yes, I know there are children starving in Africa, and it does rather seem like a small problem in comparison, but we were talking about technology, not feeding the world.

Other #firstworldproblems I have...

My phone has eaten one of my ringtones. I did an update for the software and it reset half of my phone back to the defaults. Then, when I went to reset everything, I realized it didn't give me one of my ringtones back. I can see it, but I can't use it. It's annoying, and iTunes won't let me repurchase because, according to them, I already own it. I need ringtones... it's how I know if it's worth it for me to dig through my purse to answer the phone or not.

My DVR keeps losing our Favorites setting, which means I have to sort through thirty-five shopping channels and fifty sports channels to find a rerun of Bones.

I can't get my Bluetooth to recognize my accent, so I can't voice dial by number in my car.

I need to replace my yoga mat, yet all of the ones I can find are very slippery and I can't get traction on them in my down dog.

My email client, Outlook, is messing up, taking twenty seconds to open an email and twenty more seconds to decide that I can respond.

Wow. I'm pretty darn shallow. Any and all of these things have caused rants this week, yet the world still continues to turn, and the sun still continues to rise every morning.

First World Problems, indeed. I have food and shelter and I'm not living in the middle of a war zone or natural disaster. For that, I am truly thankful. Even if it does make me feel shallow at times. (I do want my ringtone back, darn it.)

So what are your #firstworldproblems rants of the week?



Playground Monitor said...

I'll say it again -- inconsiderate person who park her grocery cart in the middle of the aisle, blocking the rest of us, while she's on her cell phone griping about her ex-husband.

I should be grateful I have a store to shop in and that it's well-stocked with food.

I now have little skinny worms in my apartment. I suppose they are coming in to escape the cold. And rather than complain, I should be glad I have a warm apartment to live in. At least the mice haven't appeared this year (crossing fingers, toes and eyes).

Instigator said...

I have a book in my Nook wish list that I purchased through the website. I can not get it off my wish list. It is driving me bananas! I know it's a small thing. I could simply ignore it. But it's annoying.

My phone is also screwing up. Not enough that it doesn't function...just enough that I yell at it before it decides to function. And I wanted the new iPhone but I was hoping for the 5 so I'm still debating whether to hold out or not.

Yeah, stupid things, but they make me crazy.


Smarty Pants said...

Work irritation is foremost on my mind today...

My work laptop has suddenly decided it needs my badge in the reader slot before it will check my email. So I forget it, go to lunch, then get locked out of the building because I need it to get in the door.

My online time system at work won't let me delete job numbers that are no longer eligible. So I have to scroll through a list of numbers I can't use anymore.

The firewalls at work block pictures, videos and any other random things it decides is unsuitable, so I usually have to wait until I get home to comment or view things.

Just a couple whines that I usually temper with - I could work at Walmart - although comparing to a 3rd world country works, too!