Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cover Joy

I have to admit that aside from getting a box of shiny new books, getting a first glimpse of the cover is one of the best things about this business. Somehow seeing it in bold color instead of just black and white makes it real.

And then there's the fast moving timeline. By the time I get a cover I've written the book, revised it, gone through line edits and AAs and probably read the thing anywhere from 5 to 25 times. But at the cover stage the heavy lifting is done and all that's left is the anticipation. About six weeks after I get the cover that box of author copies arrives on my doorstep. And a couple months after that it's on the shelves.

So I wanted to share my new cover with you guys today. It's for my Feb 2012 Blaze - Bring It On, the first book in my new Island Nights trilogy. I love the purple-blue background, the intensity in the way he's looking at her and the models abs. :-) Although, my favorite thing is the awesome cover quote from Vicki Lewis Thompson.

I've also seen an advance preview of my March cover and I have to say it's gorgeous! I can't wait to share it with y'all.

So my question today is, how important is the cover for you as a reader? And if you have an ereader do you find the cover has more or less impact on your book choices?


P.S. Here's the back cover copy...
Breeze in to Escape, where every sense is seduced and every desire is fulfilled....

This adults-only Caribbean island resort may cater to your every need, but it’s also a business. And what could be better advertising than tantalizing photos of a real couple on their honeymoon?

Unless, of course, the couple is faking it....

Graphic designer Lena Fuller fled the chaos of her ruined wedding with her best friend, filmmaker Colt Douglas. But she wasn’t expecting the “honeymoon” her ex arranged would be a weeklong photo shoot. As the sets become more intimate, Lena and Colt find that their libidos are slipping deliciously out of control. Sure, they can fake it...but when the week is over, will they be able to forget it?


TashNz said...

Hi Kira. Congratulations on such a nice cover, it would definitely grab my attention on the bookshelf - the purples are beautiful. For this type of book the front cover isn't as important to me as the back cover blurb. Mainly because they're always of a couple posing closely together. The order I usually pick them up from the shelf are firstly if my fave authors have released a book that month, then by the front cover that catches my eye and finally I make my choice on which one to buy based on back blurb :) Geee... who would have thought it was so technical to buy a book hahahah.

Playground Monitor said...

Great cover and terrific cover quote! This IS a gorgeous cover and would definitely catch my eye. I have an e-reader and covers aren't a consideration with it just like when I buy a book at the store. I'm more concerned with the back blurb and whether the story piques my curiosity. The blurb for Bring It On certainly does.

Paula said...

First, great cover! I love the kinetic feeling, as if you can see the couple in motion.

Second, I'm so jealous! Y'all get your covers and books so much earlier than we do at Intrigue! I'm ready to see my March cover, darn it!

Instigator said...

Tash, I hope you enjoy it! And I'm the same way about how I buy books. And I was worried having an ereader would change that...but it really hasn't. At least not since I bought the color Nook. I still browse through books looking at covers first.

PM, thanks! I told Laura that I loved the back cover copy on this one. It's perfect.

Paula, shhh, don't tell but my fab editor gave me a sneak peek of March but only after I asked her. :-) (and because I'm working on promo for the series and wanted to make sure what I'd picked wouldn't clash with the other cover)

EllenToo said...

Actually the cover has no part in what book I select to buy. I buy based on author and the blurb.

Angel said...

Beautiful!! I really love this cover. Like Paula says, the sense of motion is what makes it different for me. And I love those colors too.

I do shop based on authors I know, etc. But if it isn't an author I know, cover do help me decide whether or not to Pick Up the book, but its the back cover blurb that helps me decide to Buy. :)

christine warner said...

Hi Kira, Congrats on your awesome cover...I'm with you, love the color in the background.

As for how important a cover is, I have to admit that is the first thing that draws me to a book on the shelf. From there I read the back cover, the inside and then flip through and read a few paragraphs inside the book at random spots.

Probably not the best way to go about picking out a book, but old habits die hard.

Looking forward to your release!