Friday, November 04, 2011

10 Pairs of Shoes You Need. Really.

The Playfriends love shoes. We all are drawn by different styles, but the shoe adoration is universal. Just in case you need an excuse to buy more shoes, I ran across an article from Glamour Magazine that lists the 10 pairs of shoes every woman needs! Take note!

1. Nude, Peep-toe Pumps. They're supposed to go with everything and make your legs look longer. I have to admit I just added a pair of these to my collection a few weeks ago. Nude/camel/beige is not my go-to neutral, but I like them.

2. Black City Boots. I've never heard them called this, but basically the black leather boots that go from mid-calf to over the knee depending on your preference. They say if you go with a low to medium heel, they're comfortable, wear anytime shoes. My black boots just go above the ankle. I tend not to buy many much higher because of my large calves (and they're hot!).

3. Ballet Flats. Casual, comfy and cute. I'm a recent convert. I bought a pair of black suede and a pewter leather the other day. I had a hard time finding ones that fit, but I do like them. A nice alternative to the heels.

4. Wooden Platform Sandals. Recommended as the sassy in between of too casual sneakers and too fancy heels - daytime with attitude. I do not have a pair of these. Unfortunately when you get to feet as big as mine, wooden platforms and wedges get darn heavy.

5. Canvas Sneakers. They're talking Keds and Converse here for the comfy, chic ensemble. I don't have many of these anymore, but the Converse I do have are sparkly as the Playfriends can attest.

6. Black Pumps. The basic of basics for daytime, nightime, anytime. I actually don't have plain black, patent leather pumps. Shoes are always so done up anymore that they're hard to find. My closest pair is actually black glitter, but they work.

7. Metallic Sandals. Perfect summer shine to glam up a frumpy bridesmaid dress or go out on the town. Just make sure your pedi is up to date! I have lots of sandals but none are metallic. And lots of strappy dress shoes that are sparkly or metallic, but I can never tell if they're considered sandals or not.

8. Suede Booties. Perfect for fall with jeans or a sassy dress with tights or leggings. My booties are gray leather, but I'm going to take credit for this.

9. Flat, Leather Sandals. Designed for those lazy days. I'll admit I fail in this category. I have no flat sandals, they all have a bit of a heel. If I'm that lazy, I'm wearing flip flops (which, sadly, did not make the list.) Flat sandals make me feel oddly barefoot, short and like a Roman Solider marching to battle.

10. Gorgeous, Work of Art Shoes. These, I have! A totally frivolous, sparkly, make you smile pair of shoes. I think every girl needs these. They make you feel pretty.

Looks like I've got some gaps to fill, although DB would adamantly disagree. How did you do on the list? Do you have the basics covered? Anything they missed? I'm still lobbying for some nice Teva or Yellowbox flip flops. Are you currently lusting for a pair of shoes you can't have?



Playground Monitor said...

When you have plantar fasciitis like I do, you can pretty much ignore this list (except the flat leather sandals and the canvas sneakers as long as both have good arch support and a cushioned insole) unless you want to be in constant pain and be crippled for life. My shoe wardrobe can pretty much be described as flat and ugly. But by golly, they are comfortable!

~sigh~ I was in DSW earlier this week and gazed longingly at the pretty shoes.

Instigator said...

I'm currently trying to avoid the siren call of DSW. They have the most amazing dark blue suede booties. Totally impractical...but I do wear a lot of blue. And I have a coupon. But I really don't need them. Anyone wanna bet how long I resist the urge to purchase?


pjk said...

What about a good pair of running shoes? I have three pair. One pair I actually run in. The other pair I wear at the gym. And the other pair I call my street shoes. I wear them out and about.

Insti, don't you dare let that coupon expire!

Cheryl C. said...

I LOVE boots! My favorites! I have most of the shoes on your list except for the ballet flats. I had to wear them back in the eighties when I was pregnant and developed an intense dislike, almost hate for them. Could be related to my condition at the time but I will not wear them. Funny how they've come back around. Those I will pass on.

Problem Child said...

I have all but the nude pumps (they're on my list) and the wood platforms (a bit unsure).

And yes, my black, knee-high boots are fantastic. I have three pairs, actually -- skinny heel w/pointy toe, chunky heel w/square toe, and in-between heel w/ rounded toe. I'm sick, I know.