Thursday, November 03, 2011

Guest Blogger - Lynn Raye Harris

Lynn has been a friend to the Playground almost from the very beginning. And we're always excited to welcome her back! I have to admit that I've heard a lot about this book over the last few months and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! Not to mention that I have serious cover envy. So clear off a swing and give Lynn a warm Playground welcome.

THE MAN WITH THE MONEY - Book 5 in the Notorious Wolfes Series

I love this book trailer! It’s my first book trailer ever, and my first continuity (a set of stories with an overarching theme). Harlequin did a fabulous job making this trailer. It’s moody, sexy, and intriguing! Who are these Wolfe brothers (and one sister, ahem) and what happened to make their lives fall apart?

To find out, you’ll need to read the series! There are eight books, and mine is number five (each book stands alone, but if you want to know about the central conflicts of the Wolfe family, you’ll have to read them all).

THE MAN WITH THE MONEY is available in stores right now, and it still doesn’t get old to see my book on the shelves. I love the cover of this one, and the fancy cameo around the couple. It really stands out!

Jack Wolfe is a loner who gets his thrills from high-stakes finance – whether it’s cards or the markets, Jack is a whiz. He needs no one and nothing, but when a card game goes wrong, he finds himself on the run across France with the lovely croupier who’s been dealing the cards.

Cara Taylor is tough, smart, and determined. She’s been working hard to funnel money home to her family in New Orleans, who are still suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation on their lives, and she has absolutely no time for a gorgeous, useless gambler like Jack Wolfe.

But of course Jack is much more than a gambler, and Cara can’t help but be pulled in by his dark, delicious charm. I have to admit that Daniel Craig’s Bond was my inspiration for Jack – not the physical Jack, but the broody, moody, dangerous man who is utterly addictive.


I hope you enjoy reading about Jack and Cara! Today, if you leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win a signed copy of THE MAN WITH THE MONEY.

RT Book Reviews awarded this story 4 Stars and said it has, "intense emotional turmoil, a tortured hero and toe-curling intimate encounters." Rawr!

Back cover:

Jack…Red-Hot. Renegade. Restless.
Notorious gambler Jack no longer gets a buzz from the risks he takes at the card table. In fact it bores him. Until one night he wins more than he ever bargained for…
His prize is stunning Cara Taylor – she might be down on her luck but she certainly doesn’t need rescuing by a card-shark like Jack! Now she’s stuck with him she doesn’t know whether to love him or loathe him.

For more information, including a red-hot excerpt, visit my site at

Lynn Raye Harris is a USA Today bestselling author who writes powerful, sexy romance for Harlequin Presents. You can learn more about Lynn and her books at You can also follow Lynn on Twitter @LynnRayeHarris or visit her author page on Facebook,


scarlet wilson said...

Love that trailer - never seen it before!
Congrats on the new book!

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hey, Scarlet! Thanks! Was fabulous meeting you at AMBA. :)

Cheryl C. said...

Hey Lynn, I love the trailer too! I am still just in awe of how well done it is! I love your books and this one promises more of you fabulous writing!

Congratulations on the new book!

Playground Monitor said...

Oh my, yes! That's a great trailer. Yay on the release and for being part of a continuity and just yay in general for being such a fabu person!

Daniel Craig, huh? He's definitely swoon-worthy inspiration.

Angel said...

Funny, the first thing I pictured when you mentioned card games was Daniel Craig as Bond. Shivers, is right!

Wonderful cover, Lynn! I know you must be proud. This looks like a fabulous series. And I love the premise for this book! That heroine draws me in already - trying to take care of her family, tied to someone who takes risks for a living, definite conflict!

Thanks for joining us today!


catslady said...

It's a lovely trailer. I've not heard of this series but you now have me intrigued!!

Desere said...

Hi Lynn,

You allready know how much I adore your books and how badly I want to read this one ! Each time I see the trailer I fall more and more in love with the book and the more badly I simply must read it!

Thank you for the chance to win !

Laurie G said...

Love the chemistry in the trailer.
It sounds like Cara gives Jack a run for his money!!

johns lake at usa dot com

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Hey, y'all! Sorry, I got away from the computer yesterday and never quite made it back.

Cheryl, thanks so much! I'm glad you like the trailer. I wish I could have HQ do one every time.

PM, thank you for the kind words! And right back at you!

Angel, thanks! You pictured Bond too, hmm? I did from the first minute I read the story set up. It just seemed right!

Hi, catslady! I hope you'll give the Notorious Wolfes a try!

Hi, Desere -- still haven't gotten the book in South Africa?! I'm surprised! Thanks for your kind words. :)

Hi, Laura! Glad you enjoyed the trailer. :)

Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting! And good luck in the giveaway. :)

Desere said...

Where can we see the winner for this contest please ?