Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh To Be a Child Again

A few days ago I picked the girls up from school. Sweet Pea is quickly (too quickly if you ask me) becoming a tween. She starts middle school in about six months, something momma ain't ready for. Anyway, as she got in the car she pulled something out of her backpack that I hadn't seen in years - like twenty five of them. An origami fortune teller.

She proceeded to ask herself, her sister and me several questions. Important questions. Like whether a boy liked her or what she would be when she grew up. I found it exceedingly funny. Not that she'd have a burning desire to ask these questions - I mean, I was a tween once too. But that these things were still around, being used to ask the same dang questions I'd asked my own fortune teller when I was her age.

However, as an adult, I have a bit of a new perspective. I remember when the most pressing question in my life was whether a boy liked me or if I should ask him out to the valentine's dance. Instead, the questions I'd like to ask my origami fortune teller today would involve whether or not my family would survive without a brush with cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease and/or diabetes. Whether my kids would grow up happy and well adjusted. Whether they'd find good men to share theirs lives with. Have fulfilling careers. Just be happy. My questions would involve whether I'm making the right decisions so that these things could come true for them.

In short, my questions are too damn deep to be answered by the origami fortune teller. And it made me wish for a few days where my life was as simple as it used to be. I have to admit that I don't often miss my childhood. Don't get me wrong, it was great. But I enjoy being an adult with the ability to make my own decisions and live my own life. I am a control freak after all. But I do miss the simplicity and innocence of childhood.

So, what do you miss most about your childhood? Did you ever ask an origami fortune teller a question about your life? Did it come true? If you had one today, what would you ask it?



Angel said...

I remember those things!!! But I don't remember what I asked. :)

I think I'd have some of the same questions you mentioned. I wonder if I'm doing what I need to in order for my children to grow up happy and mentally stable. LOL Am I making the best choices? Am I doing what's right? Ugh, I often get mired in the "deep" stuff, as y'all know.

What do I miss most about childhood? The ability to immerse myself in play. I'm not good at playing with my kids. I've gotten too addicted to grown up playing. :)


PM's Mother said...

I wish I could sleep through the night like I did as a child.

Playground Monitor said...

I made many of those things, and I vaguely remember showing someone how to make one in the last year or so.

I guess I miss the freedom of childhood -- few worries, someone who took complete care of you. But if given the chance, I wouldn't go back. Going through puberty and menopause once was enough, thank you.

Problem Child said...

I used to love those things.

We have an "Answer Me Jesus" which is rather like a sacrilegious Magic 8 Ball. We had to put it away because AC kept asking it deep, philosophical questions about religion and the meaning of life.

robertsonreads said...

I wouldn't go back to my childhood as I enjoy my freedom now. I pretty much take care of myself. These days to keep me in check, I will play around with my 6 year old nephew. He is so innocent and when I look in his face I see his mom and it takes me back many years (there is 13 years between his mom and me and I help raise her.) Cameron sees things from so many different prospectives....

Smarty Pants said...

I remember those things. Could never make one, though. Origami inept. Usually asked about boys, I think. If I had the chance now, I'd ask about publishing, probably. I like to think I have a handle on other things.