Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday...

It was a beautiful sunny day in Alabama Monday -- highs around 65 and blue skies. Amazing considering we had snow on the ground Saturday. It's supposed to be another lovely day today.

Ahh, spring.

Now it's only February, so I know Mother Nature is just teasing me with the weather, and I'm sure we have some bitterly cold snaps still ahead. But it was nice to take a book outside onto the porch and read for a while today.

The weather has been wild, though. Thursday was the 5th time this winter we've had snow on the ground -- and not just dustings of snow, actual snow. So far, AC has missed six days of school due to snow. I think we're now eating into Spring Break to try to make up the days.

Maven Linda said something about La Nina being the cause of this wild weather. Well, I now hate La Nina. This doesn't bode well for what awaits us before Spring officially springs.

But it did seem rather like a sign. On Thursday -- when school was canceled for snow -- I sent the newest book off to Lovely Editor, then spent the next couple of days digging out and catching up. Now my desk is clean, my to-do list is manageable, and with the arrival of pretty weather, it seems like a fine time to get my next hero and heroine on the path to their HEA.

So while this may be just a tease, it was much needed. All that cold and snow had my head foggy and now I'm feeling a bit more like myself. I just needed a little warmth and sunshine to get me moving again.

the lovely sunny Monday brought with it another fabulous surprise to lift my spirits. BOARDROOM RIVALS, BEDROOM FIREWORKS! received a Reviewers' Choice Award from CataRomance. I'm just tickled to death!

So what's making you happy today?


Hey, CatsLady -- While I do love a practical gift, Smarty Pants is right: Can opener for Valentine's Day = Free Book Friday winner. Email her with a shipping address!


Cheryl said...

Sunshine! I love it! I too got down with all the snow. I cannot stand to be cooped up inside. I am currently in a false-spring-cleaning mood - my desk is atrocious as Angel can verify. Maybe I shall tackle it today - after I sit outside and enjoy the weather!

Playground Monitor said...

Can I be honest here?

Not a darn thing is making me happy today -- not even the sunshine.

Congrats on the award. :-)

Maven Linda said...

Brace yourselves. This is the first winter of a strong la Nina. The second and third winters are usually worse.

But for right now, spring is looming, and it looks great. It's almost two months sooner than spring last year, and all the snow will make the flowers bloom like crazy, because it puts nitrates back in the soil.

PM, you may not be happy today, but people love you anyway.

Smarty Pants said...

(Yay, we're not tagged as an adult content site today by my network!)

If this weather is going to continue, the stupid Lowes needs to start carrying shovels and salt.

But in the meantime, I am glorying in the sunlight. My mood has improved exponentally (well, as much as my work situation allows).

Congrats on the CataRomance award, PC.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Sunshine, and a trip to Earth Fare. Mostly the sunshine. :-) -- LJ

catslady said...

Oh that's an easy one now - I won a book from Free Book Friday. Can't wait to tell my husband why lol. Thanks!!

Angel said...

New book idea is flowing (its been while), and the sunshine feels good (although when the breeze blows it can be a bit chilly). Going shopping tonight with Drama Queen for dress clothes -- pray for me. :)


Problem Child said...

And today gets better -- I just saw the sneak peek of my new website (probably going live this weekend) and it's SOOOO pretty!!!