Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Free Books! Prizes!

The RIVA launch is in full swing, folks seem to be loving the new covers, and the buzz is buzzing.

Now, these are the same books from the same authors you already love in the Modern Heat/Presents Extra and Romance lines, and the RIVA titles will come out in the US in their usual lines (with different titles and covers, but that's marketing for ya!).

Any time Harlequin/Mills & Boon launches a new line, the authors bite their nails in the hope the readers will follow the authors to their new home *and* that we'll attract new readers along the way. But it also means free books and great prizes as M&B spreads the word.

M&B just launched a new site, www.datemillsandboon.com, that gives readers the chance to take RIVA on a date to see how you click with the new line. There are also cash and spa prizes up for grabs! Now, I'm not sure if US readers will be able to enter the prize giveaways, but they can download the free ebook on the site! (I checked.)

UK readers can also get a free RIVA book from The Sun on February 18th. And folks in the London area need to check out our Pop-Up Shop in Selfridges before it closes after Valentine's Day. The awesome Heidi Rice is giving writing workshops there this week; check out her blog for details.

And, I hope you all will help us spread the word about these fab books -- both in the UK and US (and worldwide! We authors are an emotionally needy bunch.).

So now I'll go into Blatant Self Promotion Mode and put up *my* lovely RIVA cover:

And remind you it will be out in the US in March looking like this:

Go. Get free books! Win prizes!



Julie Miller said...

Wow, both are nice covers, Kimberly.

But they look like two different stories, too. I guess RIVA is going for a different audience than the more traditional Presents cover? Although, I think the RIVA cover would pop off the shelves here in the US.


Julie Miller

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I thought that was the awesome Heidi Freaking Rice?

I have to say that while the RIVA line looks awesome on the web, it really pops when you see one of the books in person. They are gorgeously done!

Playground Monitor said...

I've downloaded my free book and even converted it to a format I can read on my Kindle. How awesome for Mills & Boon to give us a free book.

Yes, the RIVA covers are gorgeous in person. But I'll take the content with the traditional Presents cover when it's available here.


Angel said...

Ooohh, pretty. I just love those covers. And I agree with Julie -- I think they would pop here in the US.

Must go take a look at the site. I'm running late today. :)