Friday, February 18, 2011

22 Down, 22 to Go

So today is day 22 of me working on a proposal at work. I got kidnapped from my day job at the end of January. If I'm one of the last people out the door (and its highly likely) I'll be here another 22 days. Proposals, while painful, are thankfully short. That's because there's only so much someone can handle of proposal life until they implode. Or gain 20 pounds. Or get divorced. Really, a mid-twenty something with no pets, kids or relationships is the perfect proposal person. If they work 15 hour days and weekends, no one misses them.

I, however, have pets and relationships, in addition to a million other things, so its been rough. There's nothing quite like having your entire routine thrown off to make you appreciate things. I'm a taurus and if you know much about astrology, I'm a homebody who really likes my routines and schedules. I can do anything as long as I do it repeatedly (except flossing, if you ask my dentist).

I had a pretty good thing going from the New Year. Got up early, made breakfast, packed lunches, went to the gym, worked, came home and cleaned... super productive and feeling pretty good. Then, the proposal hit and everything flew out the window. Yeah, I wasn't exactly Miss Fitness, but I tried to go twice a week, had yoga on Mondays and I met with my trainer on Wednesday. For sanity's sake, I've stopped going to all of it and pushed off my appointments so I wasn't constantly having to cancel on her if work ran late. Add to the fact that proposal life is like that of veal - kept in small booths, not allowed to move, and fed a steady stream of free junk - and you can probably slap the 10 pounds I've lost right back on my rear end. (Just in time for my friends to invite me on a Memorial Day cruise. Didn't know the beluga whale was native to the Carribbean, did you?)

My non-luxury luxuries have dwindled away. Doing laundry and grocery shopping is exciting. Cooking is a splurge. Spending time with friends is heaven. One weekend I got a Sunday off and was so excited, I bought a big screen tv for no real reason.

So I'm halfway through my journey and ready to crawl under my desk. I guess something like this helps you appreciate the little things. Like the ability to sit on the couch and watch five episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race back to back. Read a book. Go to the bathroom without multitasking with your BlackBerry.

Ever had your routine interrupted? What were the kinds of things you missed (and then appreciated) when life got back to normal?

*going back to my cage*


Playground Monitor said...

Life hasn't really gotten back to normal for me yet. Well, I've sorta created a new "normal" but it's still evolving.

We will be as excited as you to see this proposal end. We miss you.

Instigator said...

We miss you! But you've lasted the first 22 you'll have no problems getting through the next 22. And the cruise is your reward for good behavior. :-)


Problem Child said...

I'd have to have a routine to miss it. Y'all know my life is an ongoing jump from the frying pan into the spilled milk.

You will survive -- and prosper! You always do, darhlink!

robertsonreads said...

Hey Smarty Pants, I'm a taurus too. And like you, I need my routines and I am a homebody.

And my job is great, because most days my routine is pretty much the same, also in the evenings. It's who I am!

In 2009 when I sold my home and lived with my sister, bil, and their 4 kids, I missed my peace, walking around my home in tshirt and undies, sleeping late.

But fortunately this was short term, my sister was super supporative and then I got to move into my newly purchased home!!!

My niece had to move out because Aunt Ginger was moving in. I did enjoy my nephew, 4 at the time, who would come into my room and want someone to play/wrestle with him. And Cameron knew that I would not hurt him. Hopefully Cameron was good at school today, which means he will spend the night at my home...yippee!!!

Ladies, have a great weekend and hang in SP.

Maven Linda said...

When my routine is interrupted, I miss:

computer games
errands (Yes, errands! Having the time to do them!)

I love routine. It's a good thing.

Smarty Pants said...

I got to choose my own lunch today because we had catfish and I rebelled and went out. Felt so naughty. :)