Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bucket List

Last Thursday morning, I sat poised at the computer, waiting for concert tickets to go on sale. I wanted to put in my order as quickly as possible, hoping for a decent seat. And why did I do this?

Because it's a James Taylor concert. I've loved JT's music since a friend introduced me to his music waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1971. Back in my college days, I had all his albums and knew every word to every song. The albums are long gone but I have his greatest hits on my iPod and I need to brush up on my Fire and Rain lyrics before May 24. Attending this concert has been forty years in the making.

JT grew up in North Carolina, my home state, where his father was Dean of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine. Every trip back to North Carolina begins with JT's song "Carolina in My Mind" playing in the CD player.

So why the sudden urge to go to a James Taylor concert? Maybe it's a Bucket List thing, though I've been hesitant to make an official bucket list because I don't want to think about kicking the bucket. But I suppose if I had to make a list, it would include the following in addition to seeing James Taylor in concert.

~ An "adventure trip" all by myself just to prove I can do it. I'm thinking maybe Sedona, Arizona where I can immerse myself in red rocks and vortices and become one with nature.

~ Going back to Europe to re-visit where I lived during the late 70's and seeing some things I didn't get to see then.

~ Seeing Barbra Streisand in concert (though I doubt this even stands a chance since she rarely performs now and given what the JT ticket cost, I doubt I could bankroll a Streisand ticket).

~ See Barry Manilow in concert. Laugh if you will, but can you hear Copacabana without singing along or at least tapping your foot?

~ Ziplining. This was going to happen last fall but circumstances got in the way. I'm certain it'll happen. I do not, however, have any desire to sky dive or go bungee jumping.

~ Learn to dance the salsa. Maybe the samba, mambo and meringue too.

~ Swim with the dolphins. Ever since watching Flipper as a kid, I've thought this was just the coolest thing.

~ Visit the 18 states I haven't been to: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Vermont, Wisconsin, Indiana, North Dakota, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio (I thought I'd been to Ohio until I learned the Cincinatti airport is actually in Kentucky), Rhode Island, Washington, Idaho and Utah.

I could think of more if I wanted. But in researching bucket list ideas, I realized I'd done a lot of things on those lists like riding a camel at the Pyramids in Egypt, seen the Mona Lisa, seen the Acropolis, prayed at the western wall in Jerusalem and saw where Jesus was born in Bethlehem, skiied the Alps, seen a Broadway play, visited the Grand Canyon, watched the Space Shuttle launch live, stared in awe at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and more.

Do you have a bucket list? Tell us about it.

And here's another JT song. I always imagine he's singing it to only me.


Smarty Pants said...

I need to update my bucket list. I've done a lot of the items and I need to add new.

Some things I've done:

- swam with a dolphin
- saw a play on Broadway
- been on a whale watching tour
- walked on a glacier
- got lasix eye correction
- splurge on crystal champagne flutes in Austria (boy, did I)

Things I still want to do:

- see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, live
- kiss the Blarney stone
- see Stonehenge (and the Sistine Chapel, the pyramids, the Acropolis, etc. I'm a travel nut.)
- attend the taping of a tv, talk or game show
- see the aurora borealis
- tour the White House

Bev said...

Run a marathon...check!

catslady said...

You mentioned the Mona Lisa - my one trip to Europe and going to the Lourve - we get to where she should be and it's a faded spot on the wall - it's was on loan to somewhere in the U.S.!!!! Guess I have to put that one back on my list lol.

Angel said...

Hmmm... I've never really thought about a bucket list. Maybe because I'm so caught up in the things (and people) screaming around me every day. But I have a few dreams -- I always wanted to go to Scotland. Check. I'd love to visit England and Ireland and see if they are just as beautiful as Scotland was. Own a vacation house where we could get away for the weekend. Learn to really dance, not just boogie. :)

I'd have to think of some more to have a real list.


Problem Child said...

Sell a book-- check!

Honestly, life is an adventure, and I'll take anything that comes my way. Forcing it into a list may cause me to miss an opportunity.

Maven Linda said...

I'm with Angel: learn how to really dance.
Go to Alaska. I'll get that one done yet.
Go to Ireland. That one's a possible.

I've stood on the edge of a live volanco. I've seen a kilted ghost in Scotland, on the battlefield of Culloden. I've loved so much it hurt.

Even if I never get the rest of it done, I'm good.

PM's Mother said...

Make your bucket list and start making it come true early. When you get older you may not be able to do a lot if it.

Looking back I've traveled in the US -- saw Old Faithful, Mount Rushmore, Hoover Dam, visited Los Vegas, DC, did the Freedom trail in Boston and saw the Constitution (Old Ironsides), driven the Blue Ridge Parkway from Cherokee NC to Mabry Mill VA, climbed Hatteras lighthouse (and the one on St. Simons Island GA),and more. I've traveled in England and Ireland, and Germany, Austria, Holland (thanks to PM). I've flown and airplane solo and flown a kite. Now what can an 84 year old Grandmother do?

Anonymous said...

I have only one item on my bucket list that I hope comes true before I die.

My wish is to receive a kiss from a man man who truly loves me. I'd receive this kiss at sunset, somewhere very private and hopefully romantic.

Barbara Vey said...

I did see a space shuttle launch. Otherwise, I haven't done anything else on your list. I always wanted to visit Scotland. Maybe someday.

But if you ever decide to come to Wisconsin...let me know. :)